Our homeland run pipeline bypassing Belarus

In the Russian government has plans to spend in the marine oil port of Primorsk (Leningrad region) metal road and build a plant in Primorsk zvadkavanni gas.
Russian company "Transneft" approved technical project to build an oil pipeline bypassing Belarus first year. The solution to develop the Baltic pipeline system for the Unecha — Primorsk said company president Semyon Weinstock February 5 in the program "Vesti" newscast "Our homeland".
By him, question first an increase in throughput volume of the port terminal for 50 million tons of oil. Sovereign Weinstock says that the project "very, very" expensive, but if from the adjoining countries had no such risks, spend such huge money was not necessary.
In 2006 through the Baltic pipeline system transports over 74 million tons of oil through Belarus area — 78.7 million tons.
• Oil war lasts, 06.02.2007

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