Our homeland Summit — U.S. business can grow warmer?

During a briefing in Washington experts and analysts from the metropolitan center of the Carnegie tried to predict the likely outcome of the meeting 2-presidents.
All analysts agree on one thing: the sea air and informal incident will facilitate negotiations, but their results are difficult to predict.
"The summit is to reduce the risk of alienation between countries with 2"
Rose Getemeler of capital Carnegie Center draws attention the strong cooling in relations between Russia and the U.S. for last year. Plan deployment in Europe missile shield disagreement on the Contract of ordinary weapons in Europe and very sharp Putin’s statement about American hegemony and the "unipolar world" does not promote awareness.
But, says Getemeler maybe Our homeland will try to soften its position neprymirenchuyu, even more so that according to the Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov, the summit is to reduce the risk of alienation between with 2 countries. Getemeler hopes for successful negotiations on the forthcoming reduction of nuclear arsenals, Russia’s entry into the World Trade Company, Contract of ordinary weapons in Europe and Contract nuclear waste.
"The key will be the answer Putin on the Russian proposal for a station in Azerbaijan"
In turn, a member of the Russian Academy of Alexei Arbatov believes that the summit did not give any definite results, not counting the huge PR. According to Arbatov, mainly for the entire summit will answer Bush’s proposal for a joint Russian radar station in Azerbaijan instead of placing parts in Europe missile defense.
"If President Bush Kenebankportse further try to convince Putin that the missile defense shield in Europe is not targeted against Russia, it will be vain speech. Completely in vain, so Our homeland that already taken a position in this issue, which divides most of Russian professionals, "- says Alexei Arbatov.
By the way, Putin’s proposal on joint use of bases in Kabale in Azerbaijan for many in Russia was a surprise: it supports only a small part of the liberal, pro-Western Russian professionals.
"Washington expected in these days of ordeal"
Most of the Russian professionals believe that our homeland should hundred percent abandon talks with the U.S. on missile defense and focus on kontrakrokah such as the output of the Contract of ordinary weapons.
Military expert Dmitry Trenin, Carnegie Center believes that Washington expects Kenebankportse These days are ordeal. If Bush toss Putin’s compromise proposal on cooperation in the field of missile defense, it will be seen as confirmation that the missile shield is really targeted against Russia.

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