Overview of the independent press: Do not Believe rogues and BRYU

"Do not Believe rogues and Youth Union" — the headline material published "Evening Brest". To complete the construction of a house in Brest, shared construction participants are required to pay bills made BRYU building organization. The company "Polessye" founded by the Regional Committee of Brest and Pinsk city committee BRYU BRYU registered in 2000. Now she is threatened with bankruptcy. The organization was genpadradnikam home construction.
"… According to the regulations" Polessye "was supposed to have a license for the embodiment of the functions undertaken by genpadradnika. Such it was on. General, it did not prevent the Brest City Executive Committee to" Polessye "one of the prettier pieces of land in the regional center. Accounting reference Construction was started. perineum (kazhdomesyachnye and quarterly) reports in 2006 were not conducted. On separate apartments were involved not one, but two contracts with investors. shtrishki It only separate from the large number of violations that were identified during the audit of the State Control Committee of Brest area, coordinated in December 2006 based on the letter management to combat organized crime and corruption in the Brest region. "
In Belarus, the project is implemented naikrupneyshim foreign investors, reports "Belarusians and Market". Association of German banks invested 269 million dollars in the creation of seamless pipes at Belarusian Steel Works. Credit resources were given to 12 years at 3% per annum. BMZ plans to annually produce 250-280 thousand tons of hot-rolled seamless pipes. Shred plant in the world market of these products may be about 1.5%. A couple of years back the government renounces the project and only in 2004 wasabout given permission. While there was the establishment of production, the government project had virtually no support.
In Baranovichi district have found and seized 15 tons of industrial alcohol "Maxim-2" in the amount of more than 500 million rubles, wrote "Brest newspaper." Alcohol arrested in the forest near the village Yamichyna — there tanks with the product of the overloaded car "Scania" in minibus "Mercedes". According to the documents, who had owner of the product was indicated that Berezovsky Cheese Factory from Moscow just carry barrels and cans. Channel is now illegal alcohol in the resignation of Belarus.
"Newspaper Slonim" writes about the problems of restoration stone synagogue, built in the center of the middle of the XVII century. Historic building is in disrepair, but the funds for its restoration no. The synagogue is believed to balance the Jewish religious associations, investors do not come out with proposals to promote. One held the Yankees had to sacrifice for the restoration of a huge amount of money, but he was willing to talk only with the Slonim Jewish community, which does not exist. Historic building meanwhile continues to deteriorate.

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