P. Sevyarynets: Sukharenka fired for prafneprydatnasts

"Sukharenko not cope with" Junior Front . "The main task of political repression, which was put before Sukharenka for this time, — bridle was Belarusian youth. And exactly — almost kill "Young Front. "
But Sukharenko failed. We have already decided that during his tenure, was opened more than 30 criminal cases Only the Young. Moreover, four of them at the last moment. For a year and three months of distraught nothing to do with "Junior Front"Failed.
For example, yesterday’s action — 10s people in T-shirts "Freedom to Dashkevich!". Also stocks are strong in the regions. Anything from them does not go out — harder than beating, the stronger "Young Front. "Because Sukharenka at my views, prafneprydatnasts fired for. "
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