PAK DA: disputes

PAK DA: disputes
Around promising aviation complex distant (strategic bombers) PAK DA conducted cruel disputes. Troublemaker became Deputy Prime Minister for Defence Industry, Dmitry Rogozin.
Recall work on «Strategy» go with the 2008. Not so long ago, it became clear that he was ready avanproekt newest machines. The need to develop distant bombers even been mentioned in the February program article Vladimir Putin. But first announced in June Rogozin PAK well and generally the entire strategic aviation worthless. «Look at the level of development of air and missile defense: all these planes will not fly so far. Neither our thereto, nor them to us, «- said Deputy Prime Minister. (Amerikosy intensively developing project NGB-3 obviously have no idea about this). In addition, Rogozin expressed doubts that the distant aircraft in principle will be developed as a carrier of nuclear weapons, cutting the time the nuclear triad to two.

Such an assessment is not met awareness nor the General Staff nor the chiefs Rogozin. Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov said the development of a fundamentally new system, Vladimir Putin claimed to accelerate the process. Yet, June 18 Rogozin announced its readiness to defend its position by repeating an old argument: «In the modern development of air defense / missile defense such purposes will be destroyed on the way.» And a few hours later Deputy Prime Minister wrote that he has nothing against the PAK DA project — but the bet must be placed on promising hypersonic systems. Statements of Deputy Prime Minister were immediately supported by some military professionals.

Meanwhile, the passage that the present state of defense strategic bombers «not reach», gives a complete misunderstanding of the essence of the difficulties. In 1-x, they will not have to «reach the outskirts»: strategic bomber in a nuclear war — it first cruise missile carrier (CR) with a range of about 2.5 thousand kilometers. With all this floating at the maximum low-altitude cruise missile — is very problematic for the purpose of defense. In-2-x, air defense does not omnipotent. For example, its developers have not been able to give an adequate response to the emergence of stealth technology.

Contrary to the views of Rogozin, the balance of power in the past 30 years, moved not in favor of defense, but in the direction of attack aircraft. Say, downed known stories about the old Russian S-125 F-117 to ignore the three nasty Prof. shapkozakidateley fact. In 1-x, «Nighthawk» 3rd time flying on the same route — accustomed to absolute impunity Americans relaxed. In-2, it actually knocked in the face. B-3, even at a distance of 14 km was used no radar and visual channel guidance kitted imager.

In addition, since the first flight
F-117it took more than 30 years, and there is no reason to believe that stealth technology since that time have evolved slower than air defenses. Thus, the effective scattering surface (EPR) F-35 is 0.0015 m, and it is almost possible to declare American propaganda — the plane is meant intensive export, and buyers will be able to check its properties. With all of this capacity-300 targets with limited interception ESR more than 0.02 m

A new generation of strategic bombers can become fully effective and necessary means of delivering munitions. Namely, the «strategic» not the case are an integral part of the nuclear triad. According to South American data, after receiving the signal of a nuclear attack on the decision about a retaliatory strike discharged 25 minutes (long enough procedure — terrible need, system crashes missile warning happen quite often). 3-4 Minutka goes to actually start. So Makar, the reaction time of the strategic nuclear forces to attack the enemy is almost half an hour. It is fully tolerant when it comes about the impact of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), but they are by no means the only means of delivering nuclear warheads. They are complemented by, for example, submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs). Feature of this tool is a small flying time — at the start of the Barents Sea or the Mediterranean missiles hit their targets in Central Russia for 8-10 minutes. Equally small flight time owned and medium-range missiles. At the moment they are prohibited START treaties, but agreements suspiciously just violated.

In other words, when attacking or SLBM of medium-range missiles command was forced to choose between the nasty with 2 variations — or do scrupulously standard procedures, resigned to the fact that most of the nuclear potential can be destroyed, or decide to launch a mass received a full check disk imaging .

Obviously, apart from stationary ICBMs, there are sea and land mobile systems. But its their problem. For example, contact with submerged submarines can only in the spectra of very low (VLF) and extremely low (ELF) frequencies. Transmitters operating in these spectra are rather cumbersome (43rd communication unit of the Russian Navy — is 650 hectares and almost two 10-ka antenna height of 270-305 m). Such designs are in single copies and very vulnerable to pre-emptive strike. With all this, the signal must still accept. Created for this antenna has a length of several hundred meters — «released» such «tail» submarine can move at speeds of less than 3 knots (5.6 km / h) at a depth of less than 30 m and actually unable to maneuver. As a result, the submarine out to communicate with significant breaks in store that gives the enemy time to search for them and sinking. Mobile ground-based and mobile enough, that fit to get out of shock (speed — 45 km / h on the highway and 15 km / h on the ground).

Now back to the «strategy.» In the case of receiving a signal of a missile attack aircraft with crews prepared can skyrocket in a few minutes and quickly be out of the affected area. With all of this decision on their use will not have irreversible temper — if the information is not confirmed, just the bombers return to base. In other words, the existence of strategic aviation allows us to derive a very significant part of the nuclear potential from the blow, not taking all this «decisive» solutions. So makarom all have prerequisites in order to strategic bombers last generation were effective and necessary element of the nuclear triad.

Equally important may be their role in the conventional (using ordinary tools) and limited nuclear wars. In 1-x, «strategists» provide unique capabilities for «frisky» force projection within the boundaries of the hemisphere. In-2 — they are a valuable asset, even in the event of war near its borders. Focusing ability of tactical aircraft in any direction limited «carrying capacity» available near the airfields, which is not limitless. Ultimately, strategic bombers, capable of striking from secure bases in the hinterland, are necessary means to increase. This is illustrated by the South American experience. B-52, makes the position of Iraqis during «Desert Storm» in a lunar landscape, life constructively facilitated ground troops. For the first six months of the war in Afghanistan only eight B1-B took off about 40% by weight of bombs, coalition forces applied. During the invasion of Iraq B1-B delivered to the «consumer» 43% of all correctable bombs. B-3, strategic bombers — quite an effective means to counter aircraft carrier groups.

In other words, the initiative of Dmitry Rogozin vividly recall the crusade against aircraft, undertaken at the time of Nikita Khrushchev. With all of this proposed today Deputy Prime hypersonic candidacy «strategists» looks much more fantastic «raketomanii» Russian favorite. After hypersonic systems capable of change strategic aircraft (for example, HTV-2), so far unsuccessfully tested even in the U.S.. In all this is a question of single and non-performing devices. First defines a narrow specialization and their inability to scale use in non-nuclear conflict — each worth Yankees start very expensive ballistic missile-vehicle of. Second option eliminates the «reversibility of decisions.» What still concerns of reusable hypersonic bomber, it is a fairly distant prospect. At the moment you can only connect inconspicuous bombers hypersonic cruise missiles with a range 1500-2000 km.

So makarom activities heirs Khrushchev could put an end to close to reality and effective concept.

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