PAK FA began testing a new radar

PAK FA began testing a new radar
Designer and manufacturer of military aircraft, the company «Sukhoi», began the latest tests onboard radar system for fighter of the 5th generation PAK FA T-50, the company said.

The new X-band radar with active phased array antenna was installed on the third benchmark experienced fighter T-50. During the tests, the radar showed a measured and effective performance comparable with the most advanced radar system in the world.

Radar was developed by the Metropolitan Research Institute of Instrument parts with the introduction of nanotechnology.

It has an extended range target detection, works immediately in the «air» and «air-land», allows multiple targets to attack, and provides the ability to automatically take countermeasures when attacking the enemy.

T-50 plane, also recognizable as a project of the PAK FA, made the first flight in January 2010, for the first time in public at the exhibition shows «Moscow Air» in 2011.

Currently, three layouts PAK-FA T-50 is undergoing flight tests, while the fourth aircraft is expected to join the program there this year.

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to buy the first 10 aircraft after 2012, and then again after a further 60 in 2015.

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