PAK FA performed the first docking with the tanker aircraft

PAK FA performed the first docking with the tanker aircraft
Layout promising Russian fighter T-50 (PAK FA) performed the first approach and docking with the tanker aircraft Il-78 Russian Air Force, said in a press release, «Dry.» In tests participates second layout promising fighter — T-50-2, also support aircraft Su-25UB with the crew of the Russian Air Force test center. Details passing tests are not reported.
Parallel as clarifies «Dry», T-50-2 is tested for stability, agility and strength «in bolshennom range subsonic and supersonic flight regimes in different configurations.» First layout promising fighter — T-50-1 — was trained to fly on huge supercritical angles of attack, also tested for maneuverability.
First, in August 2012 began the third test aircraft layout — T-50-3 — with the latest on-board radar system with an active phased array and optical channels. According to the «Dry» modes «air» and «air-surface» Radar showed «significant and lasting results at the level of the best abilities available models of aircraft.»
It is expected that before the end of 2012 to programmke test T-50 will join the fourth layout. Earlier it was reported that tests airframe PAK FA should end this year, and since 2013 it is planned to put the Russian Air Force 10 aircraft for joint trials. Serial deliveries fighter scheduled for 2015. In total, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation until ordered 60 T-50.

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