Paul Seviarynets Base for change — 10’s of thousands of believers that come to traffic and public policy


Upon his release, Paul Seviarynets engaged in book publishing. Soon in the "Library" Nasha Niva "the publication of his" Letters from the forest ", written in Sitna where Paul was serving a two-year sentence. And in the days of the BPF office hosted a presentation book entitled" Brother ", which included polemical articles and essays nedavneshnego convicted. After the presentation creator book came to our studio the Ming.
"Brother — it zbiralny image Belarusian who loves Belarus and believe in God"
Michas Scoble: "Paul, I congratulate you with access newest books. One of the readers who came to the presentation to the management of the Belarusian Popular Front, all kinds and asked: where is that brother Sevyarinets who addressed book? A nd in fact — who he is, this is your "brother"? "
Seviarynets Paul: "And the truth is, even when only in" Our field "published an article according to which the book is named, I asked:" Pasha, the name of your brother? "In fact, I only have two sisters. A brother — is the zbiralny Belarusian image to which I applied to their own articles, program notes, stories. This is the Belarusian who understands themselves Belarusians who loves Belarus and believes in God. Such an appeal to the Christian brother, to the native title rights and became a book. It includes articles, essays, short stories, analysis, and program texts, which were written in the last 10 years, from 1997 to 2007. It made a kind of summing up. "
Scoble: "I’ll try skharaktaryzavats you as a person based on your books." Generation "Young Front" wrote Seviarynets business "national idea" — Seviarynets writer, and the book "Brother" — Seviarynets preacher. And what it says when a politician becomes a preacher? "
Seviarynets: "Does it reads very languid spiritual situation in the country. It is essentially a politician should be involved in politics, the writer — literature, preacher — Counseling. Naturally, the combination of all these manifestations of coercion. That now many professional creators should be involved in politics, many politicians have to make a living managerial capabilities — all this shows that unenviable position, in what turned out to be our society. In general, if not us, then who? If not enough preachers and politicians, these roles fit and geologists and artists, and journalists. They are, in my opinion, just have to take on this goal. "
"Both Catholics and Orthodox, and Protestants in Europe — together"
Scoble: "You’re right about the" vacuum of disbelief "in Belarus. But human nature is such that does not believe he can not. If not believe in God, he begins to believe in something or someone. If you look, real atheists in the world is not there. And politicians are well aware, offering faith on a pedestal — yourself. You, on the contrary, his political activities can not imagine without faith in God. But no contradiction here? "
Seviarynets "contradiction here just is not. Indeed, in my opinion, in Belarus there is a great lack of moral and conscientious people who believe in God. Belarus rescue Not a favorite. Our fellow citizens thought so in 1994 — a mistake. This is a very lightweight formulation of the problem and led us to a known dictatorship. Belarus will help out faith and the faithful. moral base for change — it’s 10s of thousands of believers who have come into the public movement and politics. Because we create the Belarusian Christian Democracy, because we’re trying to specifically activate believers. That did not work because in Russia or Ukraine. Where strong public initiatives, and even "velvet revolution" fail as there is on first place in the favorites — pragmatism, personal interests, ambitions, business, and not faith in God, no morals, no integrity. "
Scoble: "One of your basic postulates:" Faith in Christ and love for all join Belarus. "Sounds great, but what goes in effect?" Faith in Christ "inevitably encounters the boundary fencing between Orthodoxy and Catholicism. And it seems to me , fence with this time will only grow stronger and vyshets. So connect voedinyzhdy Belarus specifically faith? "
Seviarynets: "Band voedinyzhdy, exactly connect voedinyzhdy. In Europe, where we try, Christians of various denominations have not much than differ among themselves. For all their challenge is non-Christian world. And Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants in Europe now together. And we can also go to this. Moreover, the current Belarusian regime throws calls all Christians. Articles mention Rubinov, uskhvalenni mention Stalin, communism, Lenin monuments mention that so far remain idols in every Belarusian town. It specifically calls throughout Christianity. A festival Budslau Protestants gathered signatures for freedom of conscience, Catholics participated in the Mass, the Orthodox offered their literature. And all this happened without any interfaith misunderstanding. And this is an example of what we want to build Belarus. Incidentally, prazdnichek Budslau me confident that the future of Belarus is born now. 10’s of thousands of our citizens have come to this standard — united in Christ, in faith, in love. "
"Belarusians have to repent for what they have renounced God and Belarus"
Scoble: "Another of your postulates:" The world absolutely and irrevocably defeated by love and truth. "Let there kontrargumentam pasluguyuts Kupala words, written almost 100 years ago:" Wherever you look — people, people, everywhere you look — beasts, beasts. Wherever you look — beating in his chest, which means — a very correct. "Burning sounds, while not only for Belarus. Does this mean that the forces of evil in the world today and there, here, at least temporarily, but overwhelmed? "
Seviarynets: "The world lies in evil and the devil is the prince of this world. But, as you surely saw the domination of his time. Victory of good over evil in the end of eternity, but in real time we are fighting so far. I believe that in Belarus, we can achieve victory of faith, love, light, freedom over terror and hatred. Thus, reached within a couple of years. From this perspective, the book "Brother" — a call to action, and practice. This program book, and once — a collection of practical message of ".
Scoble: "The presentation of your book and sounded the theme of repentance. But somehow more generally. Germany repent for the sins of Nazism. Vatican repent for the sins of the Inquisition." Pope asks for forgiveness, the Pope knelt beside the crucifixion, "- lines Anatolia Vertinsky . And to whom and for what directly Belarusians must repent? "
Seviarynets "First Belarusians should repent for what they have renounced God and Belarus. In my opinion, the Belarusians have changed their own God in the 17-18 centuries, which automatically resulted in a weakening of the country’s disintegration, occupation and enslavement of the following century. Belarusians should repent for what they have lost Belarusian self-consciousness. Belarusians as people have very very repent. Virtually all our peoples neighbors remained loyal to their own language, their own land which God gave them. Belarusians, unfortunately, far there is not an example. But we know that God gives the greatest tests to those who expect the greatest blessings. ‘Cause I think way of the cross leads to a large Belarusians in Belarus, to Belarus, which he repents, will revive and will make a very important purpose in the
heart of Europe. "
"The main task of the next few years — not only the Christianization of Belarusians, and Belarusization Christians"
Scoble: "You write that" Belarusization without God — is an empty exercise. "And without faith in God byelorussization applies to you?"
Seviarynets "are unacceptable. Belarus is unreal. And not only for me, it is in principle impossible. Belarus God made as a separate government. God gave us a private language. Belarusians God did for his own vocation, his mission. And that magic independence we got seventeen years ago, just confirms what all this was no accident. millennia-long history of Belarus and Belarusian culture — it is also the result of divine appointment. Whoever renounces God’s purpose and considers "at, let us pray in Russian or Polish, we believe in God, and God bless us ", they are very wrong."
Scoble: "God understands all languages — that the argument of those who do not want to hear in the temples whiteRussian language. "
Seviarynets: "God is aware of, but mixing languages time led, as we know, to the Babylonian disaster. People were split into separate languages and civilization specifically according to God’s plan. And part of God’s plan are Belarus and Belarusian temper. In the book "State thought" I tried to understand this paradox — the reason why we must remain Belarusians and Belarusians. Belarusian itself for itself — it is a majestic gift of God. Reject it — mean to offend God. It has also identified another Frantisek Bogushevich: "Do not leave the Belarusian language, so as not to die," "our sacred language, as it is given to us by God." With these words, now should address the Protestants, who are more pronounced preaching in Russian, and the Catholics, who have a lot more where the Mass in Polish, and the Orthodox, who are the main liturgy in Church Slavonic. We are aware of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, that the main task of the next few years — it is not only the Christianization of Belarusians, and Belarusization Christians. "
"Under these signs of Belarus lived a thousand years, and 10, 50, 70 years old wickedness radically change nothing"
Scoble: "This week the country celebrated Republic day. Either hit you one hundred thousand perform municipal anthem?"
Seviarynets: "I was even more amazed 10s of thousands of people in Budslau that cohesively prayed Belarusian. Budsłaŭ In no one is dumped buses, nobody offered bread and circuses. Everything happened in the town for 170 km from the capital. And people there As the weeks went on pilgrimage. gathered there an unlimited number of people — about forty thousand! And this, of course, means that the future for this particular Belarus, rather than one that zhluktsila beer in her hands is not clear what color flags and sang the national anthem is not clear what . Belarus remains hymn "God Almighty", the emblem — Chase, flag — a white-red-white flag. Belarus Under these characters lived a thousand years, and 10, 50, 70 years old wickedness radically change nothing. "
Scoble: "July 7 marks 125th anniversary a day or birthday Yanka Kupala. Which Kupalovsky work do you most enjoy? "
Seviarynets: "My beloved work Yanka Kupala — poem" Christ vaskros "" Christ vaskros! — Neugamonna floats through cornfields, forests click, floats the idea of a holy one end to the other, as the world is great. Vaskros Christ! — K For you, O God, and I today I send the request: yes Belarus, my page, vaskresne to free life. "
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