Paul Seviarynets: Believers — the main engine of revival

— On my eyes, national-democratic step Belarusian revival has already ended. It shows the crisis of the modern state of motion, which once began with Belarusian national front.
Even in the current opposition Communists and liberals dominion. Independence supporters behind them. What step comes right behind it?
Look carefully to the young people who participate in the democratic movement.
Youth "Young Front", pilgrims, which you see on the Catholic festivals, brotherhood, Protestant worship — of course, that the new generation has very strong faith. Have a look at his favorites — Dashkevich, Andrei Kim, Dmitriy Fedoruk or Anastasia Palazhanka … They all kept collision mode first because they were strong believers.
And I think that it is in this is the answer to the questions "What is the future of the state of motion? What project after national democratic will be leading on the new step renaissance? . "
I see such an answer: Christian Democrat.
If previously the social base of the state of the movement was the intelligentsia, but now, it seems to me it is time believers. They are currently the main engine of the Belarusian revival.
What we are doing now, gives us an idea of what will be Belarus.
The current step is historically so important that we do not even present! Specifically, at the moment it is determined which of Belarus to be the coming decades, and perhaps even century.
And I think only weighty that at the moment we gruntuemsya on for a thousand years based than Belarus — on faith in God, to Christianity.
Because the foundation of the last generation — it is faith. And the future belongs to those who believe.
Paul Seviarynets — ’32. Grad school with a gold medal, and then Geography Faculty of BSU. In 1995, Paul joined the BPF Seviarynets "Revival". Four he was Deputy chairman of the Party BNF. From 1999 to 2004 — a favorite "Young Front".
In 2005, Paul was recognized Minsk Tribunal guilty in organizing protests against the official results of the elections and referendum in 2004 and up to 2007, serving a sentence restriction of freedom for logging in Polotsk district, in the village of Little Sitna. Currently working on a revival of the political party "Belarusian Christian Democracy".

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