Pension of teachers — like a police sergeant

As before in this population are comparable to the highest pensions. But ordinary pensioners This year promise to raise pensions only twice and generally only 12%.
This year, the Belarusian pensioners have never increased pensions, although previous years such increases were pavdyasyatka for a year and more.

Vladimir Patupchyk: "We plan this year to raise pensions twice — by 8% and 4%."

On the question of MP Peter Kalugin, and when it finally happens, the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Vladimir Patupchyk replied:
"We have brought a corresponding draft presidential decree. Currently he is treated. We plan This year increase pensions twice — by 8% and 4%. "
Member of the organizing committee of the public organizations Belarusian elderly "Elders" Vladimir Romanovsky assesses promised increase:
"In comparison with the benefits that are eliminated it’s just penny. And in-2, the authorities announced an increase utility bills. I think it can start as early as this year. Then it generally tears. "
Specialists in the field of social protection say presently retired teachers, doctors and even a former university teacher comparable pensions sergeants from power structures. A pension colonel, for example, twice a professor.

Vladimir Romanovsky: "In a society completely distorted system of job evaluation."

Pension security forces will not decrease. This now said Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev, who represented the government on behalf of a bill to provide these social categories of employees:
"The question itself on making configurations in the law has caused a lot of rumors and gossip. Because immediately reporting to all that directly affects pension, nothing changes."
Talk about pensions law enforcement agencies were conducted. Minister Nikolai Korbut money, presenting the draft budget for MPs 2007, stated that needed podsokratit to such pensions.
But here and there a month and a half Leonid Maltsev at the same roundness Hall said pensions will not be cut. The Minister of Defence then referred to your own conversation with the head of the Belarusian country.
Vladimir Romanovsky — retired, last engineer, says:
"This means, that society is completely distorted system performance evaluation. Since it appears that neither teachers nor doctors are needed. A necessary sergeants. "

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