People on Freedom

On the new economic conditions
Ivan Snapkou, Gomel:
"Something I do not notice those Chertovskih consequences, about which so much had read after the New Year, when our country has raised the price of gas and oil. Thus, prices in stores gradually grow, but they grew before. A dollar rate — in one place . And ice rinks as we built and continue to build.
Certainly, our opposition, as usual, all summarized, issued wish for reality.
Lukashenko — intelligent and farsighted politician, he calculated the probable consequences in advance and prepared for market. We, for example, has long been paying for gasoline is more expensive than the Ukrainians — although they have many years acquiring oil at market prices and is not going to create a union government with Russia. And in general, we have prices of almost all higher than in Ukraine. Although, it is true, and wages and pensions also higher. In general prices, we focus on the European Union. "
Vitaly Burim:
"Pochetaemy Valentin, and you have no right, responding to a letter from the Emperor Rut’kov that Alexander Lukashenko in the near term will avoid a crisis because our homeland buys 50 percent stake in the company" Beltransgaz. "Apart from these funds, you must also take into account loans of Austrian and Dutch banks, placing loans in Russia, privatization of companies. It — that of SUR» no serious currents. And there are also the little things (eg the same benefits). should not forget it. "
Lady: "Decent owner and afraid of losing a penny and Nekhoroshev owner as dictator Lukashenko. Hundreds of millions in foreign currency not wish to lose. You can imagine how afraid Lukashenko Belarusian, free trade unions, political prisoners. During their freedom, basically. And pay nothing. Cancelling preferences are not necessary. preferred to trade with Europe and more profitable than with China, Muslims and so on. "
Vladimir, Polotsk: "Our" elected nationwide leader ", said:" Well, think, deprived us of preferential trade preferences with the EU. This loss of 300-400 million dollars, we would not even notice. "Then Alexander G., of course, not far from the truth. Naturally, neither he nor his entourage of the loss not to notice. Neither of his own pocket the money they throw. This loss soon felt by ordinary people for themselves in the form of cancellation of privileges and uncontrolled rise in prices. "
The place in the history of Alexander Lukashenko
Alexander Korzhik, Gomel:
"I — davneshny listener" Freedom "since Russian time. Very fine, that the radio is open to different views and conclusions than radically different from the official radio and television modern Belarus. One hundred percent agree with the views of the Belarusian pensioner" billionaire "Seeds Markovic which not so long ago was made in your air. Indeed, from time to time so hunt impartial information "pickle" after adtsinliva sweet official "news."
In your gear sound different perspectives on personality Chapter country. But to me this man heartily sorry. Life such as he does not wish even to the enemy. A baker’s dozen years of holding on to power that even some credibility for another presidential term. Have an army of personal protection and support from their own people, who are always together Tipo "For" votes. Have a luxurious "Boeing" — and all this is not much to fly. Ussyadats gold exchange on the throne of the State Bank and beg for loans. To live with the idea that once should be shot until the last bullet for power, "this people" with a reworked constitution for themselves. Builds dreams with the disappeared without any trace of opposition politicians. Having in their own environment of such "allies" and "friends" and enemies that are not needed. And with all this sometimes send them to the "well-deserved rest" in places of detention. Surely, you must have the talent to acquire for themselves opponents.
Not want to be in a position where crushed and the West and the East (deprivation of EU trade preferences and appreciation of Russian energoelementov). Certainly, we have to feel like between a rock and a hard place.
And whom to appoint a successor, that were guarantees of personal safety? These Tipo his "apostles" can immediately drop the rack. Who else but the historian is to know? It turns out that the government seems to be sweeter, as it is — the only salvation from the fast tomorrow, where there is no longer any Slobodan (Milosevic), nor Saddam (Hussein). At least some of these criteria is not sweeter than honey authorities will quinoa. I can not imagine, like I’m such criteria could live quietly and nonchalantly sleep.
Neuzh is the highest achievement of political goals at any cost worthy to eventually condemn themselves to abiding fear for their own future and to have a day in the last cartridge holder for personal use? "
About the latest presidential directive
Mark Sannikov Dobruš:
"Saves — it is good but not quite better learn to create, rather than clamping straps until the ridge under the watchful eye of the competent authorities?
So I, along with staff and associates invented gidraenergetychnuyu installation that when a relatively small cost is capable of producing up to 2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.
Installation is protected by the patent certificate, but in our prosperous country she does not need anyone. With standard denials officials can make the whole volume. And then to realize President Alexander Lukashenko, who calls develop energy of small rivers? Why take the Chinese and other technology, when there is his, nothing awful, and practically for free?
We invite you to visit for yourself or Vitali Bartosik Dmitry Semashko — guarantee their "Journey to Freedom" fascinating information about the life of small towns.
In our Dobrush have cardboard factory "Hero of Labour", built sometime Paskevich. Smart heads of those distant years, engineers have found the opportunity to use for the production of energy Ipout River. Energavstanovka worked right up to the second world war. And what now? Power plant on the river there, and at the factory for electricity — large debts. And how many plants and factories across Belarus!
Coming all the circles of hell Belarusian bureaucracy, our group decided to no longer offer their inventions native state. Maybe they interested abroad. "
Lady: "A peculiar way to fight for saving after the presidential decree on austerity elected a friend of mine. It is a day at home, and in order to save the matches do not exclude the morning included a gas stove. Savings in mind — just one match a day. As tremendous assets to replace the crane can not find it and no longer able to save on the products, water flows through it the whole day and night. Valve on the riser PVCs can not be repaired 10s years, prevention is not performed. That’s the tough goes home after saving cancellations benefits and exit the presidential decree of austerity. "
About hope on our own strength
Vasily Fedyuk, Mogilev:
"If you’re looking to the West or the East, or the president or the opposition — you are wrong. Salvation drowning — case of the drowning. Man himself must fight for their salvation from birth to death. If one hard to beat — Edge with others. Easier to reach the World Victory! many examples.
Saraishyk consumer expectations, take matters into their own hands. There are various associations, parties, societies with their goals and applets. Idea is to find the ones that fit your ideas and interests. Or create new ones. We will win! "
On the essence of trade unions
Juraj Shpak-Ryzhkov, Minsk:
"With our unions I have encountered in my own life only twice. In 1986, when he worked at Mogilev Automobile Plant, there was the unfortunate case — I severed finge
r. Managing Enterprise corrected me on vacation, but the factory union refused to assist.
And in 2006, when he worked in Minsk store "Hope" suddenly learned that me without my consent to take in some municipal union. The head of this union — part Admin Shop: What kind of workers’ rights here. Tried to find out from her, as though it is this union, but failed: she just did not know that.
In general, municipal union — real feeder and a cover for their own unconscious. Back in 2002, the year I, as representative of the Free Trade Union of Mogilev, happened to be in Strasbourg — together with a delegation of municipal unions. I remember how irritated they treated us. There was even heard hissing in my adresok: "Not much we choked you …"
On the municipal system in Belarus
Nicholas Kukso, Ivenets Volozhin district:
"The collective farm peasantry, deprived of their land, does not consider himself the owner of the farm. Kolhoznik live by the principle:" Stole — propyl "," Stole — have used. "Especially since the" cup and Škvarka "- which is the official state policy goals. And not the case, because people spoenym easier to manage: he dreams only about the bottle.
Enslaved helpful and urban people — through the contract system. If someone does not behave because they need power — is at risk of losing a job, since it will not extend the contract.
To divert attention from the pressing enslaved people problems in the country in large quantities built ice rinks, where the role of gladiators players must do. On board there is an insatiable businessmen as sanitary, fire and tax inspections. And entrepreneurs under this press silent as fish.
Since power is achieved quiet and order — so called "stability." Of course, history repeats itself, but we must keep in mind that Rome — died. Collapsed and "invulnerable" Russian Alliance … "
Alexander A. Jackiewicz. Vitebsk:
"Fired from his job for no apparent agreement. On my life to them, brother, do not care. Calls for consciousness agenda and, within that layer is not visible. Tipo I’m cattle in a pen, not required in the country to anyone. Chieftain we only-in-law Although mind would add yourself. Maybe brain lend us in God. God all his as they say, falls. Yes in God and stupidity very many. What he wants, and that score. on the Board he has his own "six." And skin around the need to adapt. cancer other words NOT whistle on the hill. Oh. would crucify his soul, God Mom, Thank you. "
Man: "In most of the former Russian Union days of the proclamation of independence day consider municipal sovereignty. Our own "the wisest of the wisest" leader for some reason decided to consider days of independence on July 3rd. I wish to remind him that on July 3 — it is a day of liberation of Minsk. Again, I stress that particularly Minsk, Belarus, and not all from the Nazis. This, of course, a large prazdnichek. No it is not disputed. Just what does independence day? With the same success you can declare independence days of Polotsk day release or at least some other town in Belarus. Alexander Grigoryevich just need to read the story closely, but not phony Soviet, where everything is upside down and is imbued with Marxist-Leninist ideology, but the real story. "
About life at the neighbors
Victor Klyanovski, settlement Druja Braslavskogo area:
"Not so long ago beheld own acquaintance who lives in Latvia, Daugavpils — it came on prazdnichek to mom. Told that there are very many people went to work — who majestically in Britain who in Ireland. So says that the usual mason on good construction earns 100 dollars per day. So here, my dear Belarusians.’ll know for whom to vote subsequent time.
We have the same on this side of the Dvina other life and other earnings. Generally, the place is very beautiful. Once it is here that ran the old trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks." As a child on the riverbank we often find ancient coins. To lure tourists from Northern Europe. And then our village there would be some kind of perspective. But so far in this country often did not encourage initiative and punished. "
On Midsummer
Yuri Novitsky, Minsk:
"What a beautiful our prazdnichek Midsummer. This old, normal, Belarus. Seems there was no Christianity, as it was already. There is at the moment thanks to intercessors Belarushchyny as" Nasha Niva "and Belarusian Freedom. I’m happy to be your contemporaries . "
The Opposition
Student: "Work and Kalyakina Liabedzka directed against Milinkevich and Belarus. All these conferences in Germany, Russia, the U.S. lead to dialogue with the dictator Lukashenko, that he in the upcoming parliamentary elections gave them a passing interest. Yarmoshina do it without much effort. This their struggle with the dictator of Belarus completed. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Good morning, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "Comrades, the opposition, in other words Kalyakin Lebedko and others, you have decided to participate in the parliamentary elections of 2008. I think that the current" opposition does not need a victory, but the game had them. Neuzh something for you, comrade Lebedko, Kalyakin and others do not understand what you besprintsipialny their actions will help simulate the elections. If you can not force the authorities to democratization in the country, while not openly declared and play up a dictatorship. I think it is time for you to leave the political field. Let your will take place youth. How much can you step on the same rake? Do not change the law on elections, Lukashenko assist means to form a "pocket" parliament. That he needed. Venerable and dear Alexander Milinkevich, do not support the case with these people who have nothing to think, in other words with Kalyakin, Lebedko and like them. Long live Belarus! "
Lady: "In your opinion, democracy in Belarus will come when Bush and his allies will be able to put at the head of our country’s own intelligence. God forbid. What does it lead, as exemplified in Georgia, the Baltic states and Ukraine. In some flourishes fascism, and in Ukraine chiefs hitherto fighting for positions. Evraamerykanskim aggressor like it, since their aim to impose their policies dictate all live because they hunt. As for the Belarusian opposition, they are ordinary gavkaly, mediocrity that immodestly pour gryazyuka Lukashenko’s everywhere, even at a party, and are proud of these shameful behavior, because they relied on the support of foreign aggressors. "
On the abolition of privileges
Man: "one hundred percent agree with one listener, who called for" Freedom "about our deputies.’d Add. In order to disperse those MPs who still nothing decent to people do not need to take away all their benefits and privileges. Which they appropriated for themselves. necessary to deprive millions of their salaries and give them wages 150-300 thousand rubles. Specifically, such a pension has the greatest number of our seniors. should also deprive them of their parliamentary immunity. These measures actually is enough to during the week she fled themselves. Afterwards those who wish to become a deputy immediately become less. "
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "What is the benefit? It’s a piece of independence. That independence, which many dream. And if a piece of independence, it is necessary to take away. And when speaking with someone of the Presidential Administration, read as Lukashenko very sits. Nothing like that. I do not believe it. If so goes, means fear. And I do not astonish if an explosion at "Slavic market" this year. Thank you very much. "
Man: "This year these poor elderly people and so deprived of all. Finally, honestly earned benefits. At the same time, other sectors of society to increase pensions — 800-900 thousand. Necessary these MPs who are sitting there, start b
enefits deny, and not the working class. "

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