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About gas debt
Oleg chanterelles, Lida: "Our homeland in recent years utuchnel petrodollars, these means she does not know what to do. Russian billionaires shaking with unprecedented revenues, buying islands, yachts, seaside villas of the most expensive parts of the world … And once Russian "Gazprom" stubbornly trying to tear from Belarus hapless 500 million dollars — a debt that was formed after the brash increasing gas prices.
So much for long friendship and brotherhood frontline. In the current Russian Slavs have forgotten about the brotherhood, can only count the bucks and not shed blood in war. So what are we friends?
Lukashenko right policies. Gas we should cost the same as in Russia. Paid 55 bucks — and will pay the same as a penny more. And there is nothing they will not do with us. Let consider debts account for the fine … All the same, these funds they never will wait. "
Belarusian and Russian affairs
Vyacheslav Suharebski, village Ruthenians Baranovichi district: "Russian intelligence analysts and economists have worked excellent strategic plans Anschluss Belarus, selling a cheap gas and oil for the land of the economic system of Belarus. They know perfectly well that unfree economy will never be effective, and therefore constantly encouraged Belarus management to conduct such specific economic policy. Immediately some leaders led by Lukashenko had hoped to get the highest positions in the Kremlin, in this case, if the surrender of Belarus Russia. But in Moscow refused them. Belarusian Then Mankurt changed into sincere patriots and began to attack the Russian management. Responding Our homeland has increased prices of oil and gas, claimed for itself the gas pipes, restrict the sale of Belarusian sugar and other products in its own market. And presently pursues a policy of economic strangulation of Belarus, throwing oil and gas loop. Moreover wishes to add and nuclear loop, offering to build a nuclear power plant. These are Russian plans to make a "go nuts" of the Belarusian economy, and immediately and Belarusian statehood. "
EU economic sanctions
Galina A., Mogilev: "The government has been criticized for the moment the fact that the European Union eventually punished people of Belarus, ordinary people, which first affect the impact of sanctions. Egregious that with all this Belarusians do not speak about why these have become probable sanctions and how long the EU tried to persuade the Belarusian superiors not to violate the rights-independent unions.
I think the problem is almost everything is dependent on the Prime Minister Sidorsky. If he really care about ordinary working people, he must in this matter come into conflict with President Lukashenko. After Lukashenko knows how to return preferences. "
About Belarusian political refugees
Eugene Murashko, Germany: "For four years, we have organized Alliance Belarusians Germany, neither the information sent to your radio and on other websites, is nowhere mentioned.
Gets impression that we, political refugees caught in Germany, for the Belarusian society, so to speak, "missing" disappeared. Every year when the day note refugees on your website mentions only some families. And in Germany, not counting families G.Karpenko Zakharenko and received political asylum and family Eugene Murashko Galina Artemenko, Dmitry Moiseenko and Tatyana Pinchuk, Igor Zakrevskogo that because of his political activities had to leave Belarus. And many more of our fellow citizens here awaiting a decision of their own destiny. We were members of the BNF, but our favorite Vyachorka guided in Brussels or Strasbourg, always in transit passes Germany. Naturally, we are now it is no longer exciting.
At one time we were needed in Belarus when our party "favorite" it was necessary to do some chores. And yet, here we are doing and will do, can, and inconspicuous, but still work for our Fatherland. "
About Russification public life
Yuri Novitsky, M.: "It turned out that to give me, Belarusians, the certificate on the titular language of civilization, so that there — the first municipal language! — …" You can not. "By the way, the native language I do not hear the traffic police: fear her they like the devil incense. suave wondered what this document allows to violate the Basic Law — the Constitution? Referring to the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on June 15 last year. What’s this? Either Suvorov descendants populate not only the Ministry of Defense, and the Interior Ministry?
Had to abandon the unacceptable option and apply to the head of the traffic police, which, to his credit, lucky instantly agree about bukovkoy Act. However, to access documents in the native language, had to sacrifice another funny day working … For their own means to the same patsyagaysya! If we finish this byazgluzde? And lose when our ministry illiterate parasites? . "
Nicholas Kukso, Ivenets Volozhin district: "The power in Belarus now resembles the administration of the Russian Empire, manage a colony that was called the" North-Western edge ", where all forbidden Belarus, and even the title of our country. Currently we have probably 99 percent officials says the language of the former metropolis, and our Belarusian destroyed most savage manner. Those who reads in Russian, do not believe priklnnymi to power almost enemies. Colonial disposition authorities and confirms that it has terminated the day of Independence, celebrated 27 July to celebrate the proclamation of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus, and replaced it with a funny day Minsk was liberated from the Nazis.
Very disappointing and sad that we actually have the status of a colony where all Belarusian destroyed. "
On the municipal media
Viktor Baranov, Rogachev: "Long our TV look unreal: a minute or two have to turn off the telly. Solid ideological propaganda and brainwashing. As in Russian, when the reality was served in a very embellished form. Endless praises of the regime and its achievements are annoying and angered.
Surprisingly, in our time, first 20 of the first century was perhaps this, when one person has seized power in the country for an indefinite long term. And the press never utter out loud that the lord — naked. It unanimously support the owner. And for over 10 years, we suffer because of their own stupidity and shortsightedness.
Khrushchev promised that once in 20 years to build communism. I feel that more than 20 years will remain in power, Lukashenko. But communism and we can not wait on him. How to live in poverty, and we will live. "
About Minsk dweller eyes Province
Konstantin Syrel, Ushachi: "… the shop yard" Okean "that at the crossroads Kozlov Street and Prospect. Consider the very center of the capital — quite near Victory Square. Between the big trees — a poor excuse playground. I play with my grandchildren, immediately watching what is happening around. One of sandboxes are sitting … no, not the kids — two boys. Between them visible bottle, some snack. Sensitive further — another company: young boy and a woman, these leisurely drink beer, smoke . Soon two guys rise up and go. I went to the sandbox in it — two bottles of some mongrel swill that wags dubbed manufacturers cheeky wine. Near — two empty bags of chips under a few butts. Soon sandbox takes another one company.
30 meters from the sandbox — a dozen containers for disposal. By suitable containers bamzhavataga kind of guy, begins to delve into them, throwing out unnecessary containers for themselves at his feet. Soon he goes, but after 10 minutes, his place zavmae the same kind lady. Garbage containers around more.
Our capital, you’re in those butts look as if the Mona Lisa with a cigarette in the lips!
Answer me, minchane — who so zasmechvae city? Aliens? Or, maybe a ruthless imperialists sent bags of cigarette butts and other deb
ris, and the opposition nights scatter them through the streets and Avenue?
Neuzh it make you, the citizens of Minsk? Then do not forget: it is — not only your capital. That — and my capital, the capital of my kids, my grandchildren. All these Stalin Empire and modern modernist luxury ice palaces and grandiose national libraries you have the price of desolation malehankih cities and towns like the one in which I live. You all — we do. We even sidewalks poor: they are made from the remnants of the dismantled haylage towers.
I appeal to you for the veteran, the dweller of Minsk. Maybe you rot in the front-line hospital next to my dad seriously wounded and threw out the bloody bandages of white fat worms. Maybe you fought the war together with my uncle Fedka — only my uncle, the only brother of my late mother, who has been missing since 40 5th. You’re not afraid of the fascist "Tigers" and "Panthers" — so forced to eat a cigarette butt out of the big man who threw a cigarette butt on the sidewalk. Put all their merits, and together with brother Come, let sweep piece of pavement at the sight of the entire capital — let him bully yes like he will burn with shame if they have even a shred of shame.
To appeal to you, my young friend of the Young. Organize with your friends share "Spotless Town". Clean your own yard, your street, your own main avenue — although its particle. Maybe looking at you, and all your zasmechvae my capital, ponder. "
On the work of Radio Liberty
Lady: "You talk about our Belarusian villages. Our village lives in the 18-19 century, unfortunately. And our people think that it should: dirty wells, cattle, 90-year-old grandmother is obliged to keep a cow … And You Tell the villages of civilized nations — Germany, France, Norway, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, that beheld our people how to live in a civilized rural. "
Vitaly, Minsk: "I would wish to live your topic was" If I were the president … ". Need to speak on this subject, especially on fundamental issues such as energy problem, external, internal policies. In particular, the co-chairs would like to hear opposition Milinkevich. Lebedko Vecherko. Do you have anything to say to them this bill drastically? Less criticism and more real proposals, like they came out of such situation. "
Man: "I occasionally listen to Radio Liberty, but what they say about Belarus, about the president and the general situation in the country — this is some baby lepyatanne. I wish that in your program notes had the heading" If I was president . " Let the opposition have their 5-6 there co-chairs were made with the program and would be told that they have created, if I were the president or the prime minister. "
Man: "Just listened to the group … I do not realize. How is he called. And even chants only a word or two to realize, and the rest is a skavytanne. As it did for music? Who gave him what something first place? Certainly, once your radio to your group to give the first place. Is singing and music? skavytanne One. "
Lady: "A lot of programs on Radio Liberty holiness face dictator of Belarus. From such great attention to discover Belarusian Teran only lives and rejoice. Peraymaetstsa He did not, that they say bad about him or excellent for Teran important that forgets about him, "the head of state," "president" called. Such impression that Radio Liberty is also working on the Belarusian dictator.
About Lukashenko
Man: "Hunting appeal to those who voted for the candidate who won on vybarah94. Comrades, why not for you to take the initiative and do not own a pet reward" Hero of the Republic. "After 13 years of which only decent he did not, and he for it prohibited race in Europe and the U.S.. you his voters, the lead, to covet. youth and veterans, public associations, support brain control mentally. timidly He said that the figure of 13 for him happy. But with the 13th anniversary on highest positions already belated reward. But a month later, just in days of birth, the merit of the will itself. You can even ask them to Austrian banker who gave us credit, also from the Austrian side gave something of our control, for example, would be given the title of "noble Austrian skier."
On kadravayya configuration
Vladislav Dovzhyk, Minsk: "How painstakingly General Sukharenka drove opposition, as demonstrated ingenuity, seeking rats poisoned water as carefully looked after by opposition activists. And here it turns out that once the KGB knows what happened: not satisfied with the work of experts and relatives , concealed information about corrupt; colonels and majors were closely ties with merchants incomprehensible …
Even perfectly, so that it all ended. Maybe at this point to reach the heads of the KGB that no vernapaddanasts is not for their indulgence, and that you need to engage in a real security protection own country, and not harassment of opposition minions who want the good of our homeland. "
Lady: "Good day! No" screwing up "at the top will have no impact on our economy, as the principle of its existence defines only one person. A personal views he has not changed. Doskorogo goodbye."
Lady: "Good day! Crisis" Belarus miracle "knocking at the door. Lukashenko can not realize it. But it does not matter how much power your deck tusavav nothing has changed — they cherished system eliminates natural selection, base conservation of all living things. Silovik must first be a creator and not the warden, safeguarding the interests of some high-ranking bodies is not to protect the interests of the country as a whole. Doskorogo goodbye. "
Borisovchanin "How tolerant Belarusian wish to express your own eyes on the replacement power in Belarus KGB. Once the leader of all times and peoples, Joseph Stalin also changed his own KGB berry on Yezhov, then Yezhov on Lyavrentsiya Beria. Later they shot, that all sins throw their opponents as a people. Our "dad" Alexander G. apparently also feared for his power. Yeah it seems, more cunning, and conduct their own companions shift from power often. And more. I will not be surprised if Chairman of the KGB in the chair I see his older son, Victor Lukashenko. Live — see. "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom! "Maybe management KGB changed such circumstances. During 1-x. Past Officer of Internal Affairs stated openly asked for political asylum that Zakharenko and other extinct policy Zawadzki journalist died from today authorities and that clear when and who did it. Vo-2 may be, Moscow practically prepared substitution Lukashenko, but he was able to prevent this. couple of years back the Kosovo Albanians went on a superb march ahead and courageous people carried giant banner " America, help me! " Here now and we need it please. Ángel Merkel will not help. Importantly, coupled with Moscow to support the euro relative to the dollar. Maybe a little funny and these ladies are my political arguments but never Belarus was not so close to the loss of independence, as at the moment. Our president, not to flee to Iran, and may agree to establish a Union countries there on the criteria of Moscow. We all look that strong professional Russian media advertising, television and radio, give Putin. He needs a third term. Belarus remains the only attach. Let it even in a terrible dream we, Belarusians, not dream. That pretty well play indifference to the fate of Russia. Thank you, "Freedom," that listened. All the best work. "
Turovets Victor: "The other day a very lukashist praising people working in the KGB, he says, the most intelligent, everyone knows what our wise and brave Lukashenko that he changed the top of the KGB. But this courage from fear for what was produced, from fright for retribution. KGB Well, as you know, never in the history of not protecting its own people, and it has always been punitive, waited on
ly power. Here and now "the most intelligent that everyone knows" are struggling with the best part of the Belarusian youth and only for that they love God and our Belarus. Here a huge reason and is not necessary. Security dept fights against our future. NOT docked far, Comrade lukashist. You would be better talked about conscience. But I understand how you can read about what you do not have your idols. "
About the economy
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk "veer out picture. Interestingly, as our valiant KGB work today. When collapsed Alliance, they could still work, but why they did not do anything and then at the moment? I think so. Not those scales deep in corruption. A Shtirlitsa times long gone. And recent work people can not, even though people are smart, educated and master. A revolution will make in the coming curious look. "
On the days of independence July 27, 2007
Vladimir, Polotsk: "Coming on July 27, the real independence day Belarus. Specifically, in this day in 1990, the Supreme Council, in what way, and Alexander G. was sitting, adopted the Declaration of Independence. If Alexander G. became president, the date July 27 is not something he liked. shameful He organized a referendum and independence day moved on the third of July, in other words, combined it with the days of the liberation of Minsk. And now comrades lukashistov has a trump card: say what you orite, we had a referendum and we moved on independence day on July 3. And I want them to make an objection, in other words, I have my own trump card, even better than them.’ll start with the fact that at least some historical event has a certain date: day, month, This year … if you want to, held a historic fact. And the facts, as we know, the thing is resistant. Against history and facts can not be helped. likes it or not, but this story and this needs to be considered all that including Alexander Grigoryevich. in history to change something or move any referendum can not.’s my trump card for you, comrades lukashisty. Guided by your logic, let’s move the day with a victory on May 9, 20 Let’s get the ninth day of liberation of Minsk a third on the 23rd of July. As for you like it? ‘Cause I wish to say in conclusion: lukashisty comrades, before the vote, you need to think well head. And specifically the head and not in some other place. "
About youth activists
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "In the cinema looked movie" Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. "This impression that the writer and creator of the film — the inhabitants of Belarus, and all the episodes written off in our reality: those dark forces, the same sachennii, detentions, interrogations tendentious prohibitions, regulations, instructions, decrees, orders, which was full of tremendous wall up to the ceiling. But the time came and the wall fell. Harry Potter and his friends are very reminiscent of Paul Sevyarinets, Zmitruka Dashkevycha, Boris Goretskogo, Anastasia Palazhanka, Dranchuk, Shydlovsky and many others. That such impressions I came out of the cinema. "
Man: "Question. What is arrested and put on 15 days of youths who believe prazdnichkom real independence day of the Republic of Belarus on July 27. July 27 — Independence day of the Republic of Belarus of the Russian Federation, whose dominance in Belarus already lasted two centuries. All the former republics were part of the Soviet Union after the collapse of the empire prazdnichek celebrate independence, sovereignty ad, except Belarus. We considered the official days of independence on July 3, the date Minsk was liberated from the Nazi invaders. Although half of the territory of the republic, on the west of Minsk, still almost three weeks blared war, bloodshed. This izymatelstvo the memory of those who died in those days. For example, Grodno was not released until July 24, highest town, Brest — July 28. Surprising and sickening that the president and historian can not understand the history of the country, which he manages, and fiction prazdnichek independence on July 3. Sorry, but from whom? From the Germans? In other words prazdnichek May 9 as a day of victory over Nazi Germany, it is celebrated all. Supreme Soviet of the BSSR July 27, 1990 adopted the Declaration on municipal sovereignty of our country, which was approved in the 1994 Constitution. "
Nicholas: "In the near future almost successfully hunts members" Young Front "criminal proceedings and arrests of young people. But the zeal of the young generation to the freedom not pause, do not hold back! Young built a young, newest, free Belarus. They will not be intimidated! They prevail, because faith stronger horror! Authority wants to break Paul Sevyarinets but it did not break the link will not break, and 15 days in jail. He became stronger! "
Man: "I want to give free advice to our Fuhrer-people. Let make a small pause around the clock zharslivym own love for the nation and re-read, and, most likely, for the first time read the book Alexander Fadeev" Young Guard ". Maybe zhoyde to his sixth 10-ke years, while living in the heart of Europe in the 21st century nesusvetno wildly and inexplicably stupid seriously and fight on equal terms with the power of the Gestapo Pavlyuchenkavskaga with 15-18 year old girls and guys, catch them, judge, put in jail, also declare them terrorists and threaten them with the highest measure, as it was done in the past year Sukharenko, and with all this completely seriously as an equal to any political opponents, wasting the power of the municipal propaganda apparatus, that of ‘manifest their main strike international force antyslavyanskay backstage. Here too the doctor is not necessary. Diagnosis deliver no matter what more or less familiarized nurse. "

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