Polish press writes about war for power in Belarus

"Belarus has come a huge change. Initially Alexander Lukashenko took control of the KGB, and now plans to change the prime minister. According to our interlocutors, it is confirmation that the president for the first time in his own career had lost all control of the fight inside the nomenclature "- writes Dziennik.
According to the newspaper, the main battle is currently between groups of officials, concentrated around Peter Prokopovich and Vladimir Naumov, which will be closely watching the opposition because of the outcome of this fight will depend, "which way to go Belarusian dictatorship."
Dziennik notes that against the background of "today’s struggle for exposure has the outlines of a much more complex operation — ensuring myagenkoy transfer of presidential power."
"Analysts believe that the KGB and shuffle play at the top authorities are made in order to prepare the ground for the offspring Alexander Lukashenko Victor, but the situation got out of control and turned into a real "attempt to force." The problem in the fact that Victor is very young and does not cater to the difficulties of nomenclature games "- wrote in his article" The war for power in Belarus, "the Polish newspaper Dziennik .

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