Polish spies case transferred to the tribunal

Criminal case so called "Polish spies" is the Supreme Court. Recall: July municipal media said about another "spy scandal". Press office of the KGB arrested named names "spies." They were four people in Belarus — the last major armed forces of Belarus Vladimir Ruskin, the last Major Viktor Bogdan, military radio brigade air defense forces of Belarus and Korneliouk Pyatkevich.
Another defendant in the criminal case, Major Yurenya — Russian citizen. Leading ONT said that our homelandNin appeared in the Russian Federal Security Service of guilt and told about his collaboration with Polish intelligence.
Angelica Boris believes that the "spy scandal" absolutely invented Belarusian secret services and only exacerbates an already difficult case of Poland and Belarus.
A. Borys, "We have very many such cases in the courts"
"Case" Polish spies "- privately fiction KGB. To normalize the situation, it is necessary to nobody. If there is political will to normalize the situation, then everything will be fine. And if it would not — it can be. NOT confirmed also that they have something to do with intelligence. We have very many such cases in the courts. "
Reporter "Gazety Wyborczej» Andrzej Poczobut considers indirect evidence nadumanastsi "spy scandal" the event that the arrest of the spies said second state television channel, not BelTA. He remembered that the scandal involved the last head of the KGB in the Grodno region Viktor Weger, which was one of the "developers" "Union of Poles." But the main confirmation by Andrzej Poczobut, is that the scandal unfolded recently specifically Belarusian-Polish negotiations.
A.Pochobut: Neither the referee did not dare to negotiate the approval of the president "
"One of the questions that had considered was the case of the Polish minority and the "Union of Poles." Very many questions. I think this story is absurd and is its implementation. On the Polish minority is affected only in this case it will be deployed around some information campaign. But, I think it is now the Belarusian authorities are unlikely to go. The President also said: "Well done, guys!" Clearly, as this case end when approval sounded from the lips of Lukashenko. I think that no one would dare to negotiate referee presidential approval. "
During the month will begin consideration of the criminal case. Such cases are usually considered behind closed doors. On the grounds that the sentence would make the Supreme Tribunal, the accused will be able to appeal to only the Prosecutor General.
Deputy Chairman of the KGB in the air ONT said the alleged spies, 16.07.2007 • Polish press: the detention of so-called "Polish spies" — a provocation Minsk, 14.07.2007 • KGB agents neutralized Polish intelligence network?, 13.07.2007

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