Polish spies organized sovgasy on peasant lands

"Nowe Zycie", year 1927. Newspaper reports on the results of the election district located in the Jewish Council "voted 114 members located district meeting of 120 entitled voice. Ran for three lists of candidates. List number 1 Christian Democrats received 31 voice — 3 mandate. List number 2 Belarusian "Hulk" got 72 votes — 7 seats … List number 3 colonists received 11 votes — 2 mandate … Total 12 elected deputies, five Catholics and Orthodox 7. The commune has 1398 and 3871 Belarusian Poles. "
"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 with a letter introduces All-Belarusian meeting chairmen of collective farms to Stalin and Molotov: "Polish spies organized sovgasy on peasant lands, deprived farmers homestead land illegally confiscated collective forests belong to them, forbade peasants to graze cattle in the forest and for the failure of this wrecking orders fined farmers … We welcome the decision of SNK and the CPSU (b) the elimination of 138-wrecking organized sovgasav and transfer their land to collective farms. "
"The collective farm Truth" in 1957 published an announcement: "Citizens, use a taxi! Cars, trucks and taxis — good form of transport. Taxis are in town next places: Railway Station Square, GUM, Round Square, Jubilee Square, Park CHelyuskincev Academy, 1st Russian hospital, airport, theater, opera and ballet, kinoteatr "Victory" … The price of travel in taxi cabs — 1 rub. 50 kopecks. or 2 rubles. for 1 km. path, regardless of the number of passengers. "

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