Political analyst Mark cultural: Lukashenko shows themselves, their steepness

Cultural: "I think that" Gazprom "in this case, the only commercial logic, not much Ignoring the likely political consequences of the wave. If the consequences begin, for "Gazprom" will speak Russian government. Here take into account the latest nepapulyarnasts Lukashenko and his regime in the West. I do not think that blocking gas supplies to Belarus will cause the same reaction as the suspension of gas supplies to Ukraine. There was obvious political implications.
Lukashenko shows himself, his "cool." For him, it is an element of political PR for Belarusians — say, what I see, I can do that, and so I can, and no I did not decree. For him, this method of raising another anti-Russian wave within the country and the opportunity to strengthen themselves. And for "Gazprom" is the only tool of pressure on the defaulter. "
Reporter: "Mr. cultural, many ask why Belarus still does not pay, although the means Tipo has. Some experts believe that Lukashenko expects that the Kremlin recently election fails to play with it a brutal game and just break. Do you agree with that assessment? "
Cultural: "I do not think that our homeland is currently broken because elections begin in the wake of imperial. When we do not pay, and we all just — it’s not a work for the voters. The only thing that can count Lukashenko, is that it is very popular in the midst of a large part of the Russian population, especially people Incline age. matter what criticism of Lukashenko’s regime, I say, try a couple of times to do it on the radio, turns violent calls, they say, so how can you read, everything is better than in Russia.
Lukashenko calculation is simple — the other day election uznimetstsa wave of discontent against the government, which suppresses lover Lukashenko. In this midst of this wave will rise again adherents Russian authorities. But if there is a settlement, it is rather shaky. All the same, the population of Russia, on which Lukashenko expects more like him than he does.
I think, it is more designed for Belarusians, to show them that he is the only fighter for the stability and prosperity of Belarus, all around trying to kill him because you love me more and I only an indispensable ".

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