Poll: Do you support the strike initiators business?

Businessman: "I take this flegmantichno. Necessary to work."
Businessman: "The strike will not help. Here the authorities should not … help, so at least we would not interfere. And so all their requirements, these certificates — all we must. Maybe only to someone they cling. Then we can go on strike. But it is unlikely to help. "
Businessman: "That’s right, they do. So the government grips us, so entrepreneurs underestimated. I support the strike."
Businessman: "Excellent attitude. Very hard began to work. Taxes constantly grow, and the purchasing power falls. Because our business is all worse and worse. "
Businessman: "I support their demands. After no output. See, no one, empty market. No prospects. Just survive. "
Reporter: "How do you feel about the idea of a strike?"
Businessman: "Positively. After being clamped so that further nowhere. Relaxed work do not give. Every month, every week something new is introduced. NOT Sanitation center that fire, fire is not yet any check. "
Merchant: "I do not support. Fact it is necessary to obey the existing authorities. It works fine."
Merchant: "How do we treat? Nothing. All are against it, but nobody can not do anything."
Merchant: "would support. Heavily currently work. If such pressure will continue, we will support one hundred percent."
Merchant: "Keep. Stroll, inspect, fine. And money is not present. And most of them from this is not done. "
Merchant: "Maybe the strike — and well. But check should still be. Because I will not go on strike. "
Merchant: "Absolutely support. As it did for the confiscation of products?"

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