Poll in Grodno: What are the goals of in today’s gas conflict?

Woman: "I do not think they want to take our country. Just reach greater convenience itself: not to sell us gas for nothing, but cheaper to pay for transit. And we have the same benefits. So they wish to deprive us of. "
Man: "As our president and our homeland have one purpose — to make our country the Northwest Territory. And all ".
Man: "It has long been clear: they want to capture everything that we have. So later we could not do anything. I, in general, do not know: yelling that they give us brothers, and themselves … "
Lady: "They want to master Belarus, that she was under Russian and manage here. And then what would happen? We old people, then starve. I’ve had not so long ago in Russia. So there’s an overhead … This in Moscow more or less, but for Moscow … even there the evening lights on the street does not include. "
Man: "So it is. They wish for nothing all of us and make us buy their own colony. "
His friend: "I think the same way. Else here can not be."
Guy: "I believe that they achieve unification. And therefore try always Belarus reap. "
Young Man: "I believe that this political pressure on our country, so attach it to the power of, to make their region and to establish its authority."
Man: "I think, that Russia is not like Belarusian authorities. And such makarom they want to change it. And, maybe, I do not have rights . "
Man: "Lukashenko said that his knees will not get. Rightly said, once he has enough partners and without Russia. But that itself reflects our homeland … In this way they will not achieve anything. "
Man: "It seems that the disorder is a union contract. Alliance exists only on paper, and Actually — did not have long. "
Lady "First Our homeland reaches funds for their own gas. And I think that’s normal. What more willing? I do not know. But of course, that althought any change. Yeah, I doubt that they get something. "

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