Poll: Will fit Belarus to pay for gas?

Man: "I can not judge, but I think that the problem will be. Something our manager can not talk with Putin, to solve this question. Afraid, for sure. So worth the wait problem. "
Reporter: "Will Belarus fit to pay for gas in the future?"
Lady: "I think it will pay off in time. But likely no means a product barter. Our homeland because, in my opinion, very determined, and our economy is in a difficult situation. "
Man: "I do not think that a couple of years Belarus will able to pay the price of gas. "
Guy: "I think it’s very pretty outlook for our government and for the president to receive gas at low prices. Even our entire economy is built so that the resulting gas is cheaper than whole world. And in this situation, Belarus will not go on the system, which offers Russian Federation. In this regard, we should expect not only economic, and political problems in relations with Russia. And these prepyadstviya will remain until such time as we do not move on to some other step in the development of our economy. "
Man: "Will these payments timely — that’s for sure. Why? I think that this will affect any reason beyond our country . "
Lady: "I think it was canceled science for our politicians, that in the coming did not appear any of these situations. Country-level policies will understand it must do it. "
Reporter: "Will Belarus fit to pay for gas in the future?"
Lady: "Of course, they will always these prepyadstviya. Indeed, I believe that only politics involved here. On top of fighting, and we pay. "
Guy: "I do not know. But I think everything will be fine."

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