Polotsk activists will judge

Its share of guys deliberately timed for November 7th, wanting such makarom support the anti-communist youth share in Minsk.
Ales Krutkin said of their Sergei Martyniuk kept in the department for about 2-hours.
Men explained that the action was carried out against the fact that the anniversary of the October Revolution hitherto marked as municipal prazdnichek. Policemen have recorded and released their explanations, saying that blame youth activists in violation of law. Court date Krutkin th Martynuk not christened, now must expect agendas.
Detention of youths ran Major Ivan Miniatures — One of those police officers who recently interviewed local representatives of the opposition-minded young people about the activities of "Malady Front" and "Young Belarus". Recall that in the last week were interviewed Dennis Haber, Dmitry Sokolovin, minors Catherine and Karen Zhogal Platonov. Ales Krutkin not exclude that because the police collected materials on the criminal case against Polotsk activist.

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