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Gas conflict and mass consciousness
Drakakhrust: "Today’s summer gas conflict between Russia and Belarus almost missed the one week: August 1," Gazprom "announced a reduction from 3 August supplies for non-payment of debt, August 8 the same" Gazprom "has confirmed that the debt is paid at one hundred percent. Now no shutdown or reduction of deliveries was not. And yet it seems that the conflict itself was another great shock for the Belarusian mass consciousness.
Can we say that this conflict, as all past, has further strengthened the Belarusian national consciousness, strengthened the feeling that we have, and they have — like, or even aggressive? Prior to ask you to answer this question, I call your attention to the polls, which was done by our correspondents These days are in Minsk and Grodno
Guy: "Our president is trying to make the country to be independent. A Russian is still hate. And because they reinforce the requirement."
Lady: "dislike Belarus. But like Anyway, we still survive. "
Guy: "I believe Our homeland that it makes for Belarus to become its appendage. At the moment, there will be a new president, which does not need will be our Lukashenko. And because they are restructuring our business so that in the future Belarus became a Russian application. "
Lady: "I think you need to pay. You go to the market — buy and pay. That’s the whole reason. Russians also need to eat, as we do. And because living on loans … — Once it is completed. Someone who gives loans, at one point, it becomes boring. "
Lady: "I think that market relations between countries — it usually does. But Our homeland Belarus makes unfair. All the same, we are the government, did not turn away from Russia. And we wish to maintain good relationship. President always excellent reads about Russia. And Our birthplace should hold brotherly. "
Man: "It has long been clear: they want to capture everything that we have. So later we could not do anything. I, in general, do not know: yelling that they give us brothers, and themselves … "
Lady: "They want to master Belarus, that she was under Russian and manage here. And then what would happen? We old people, then starve. I’ve had not so long ago in Russia. So there’s an overhead … This in Moscow more or less, but for Moscow … even there the evening lights on the street does not include. "
Man: "So it is. They wish for nothing all of us and make us buy their own colony. "
Man: "Lukashenko said that his knees will not get. Rightly said, once he has enough partners and without Russia. But that itself reflects our homeland … In this way they will not achieve anything. "
Lady: "Our homeland reaches first means for their own gas. And I think that’s normal. What more willing do not know. But of course, that they want any changes. Yeah, I doubt that they get something."
Young Man: "I do not know. But I think that the Russian Federation is not profitable, but still she raised gas prices. I think they are just so" vychvarayutstsa. "
His friend: "I think that Belarus wants to capture is not our homeland, and its owners."
Lady: "I do not see any brutal purposes. I think our people have always been in friendship."
Woman: "She wants to force Belarus to do whatever hunt Russian management."
Man: "They want our government was a doll."
Man: "So do not. Belarus Belarus should be. "
Pensioner: "You yourself know what she wants. These our brothers because we adore! And our gratification we did that …"
Lady: "I agree with Lukashenko. Our homeland ugly attitude towards Belarus. "
Man: "I do not think this conflict. This is the usual questions that need to be addressed."

And now a question for you — what impact on the formation of the state of consciousness did this conflict? Valentin Akudovich do you think? "
Akudovich: "I think some of the negative impact on the affairs of Belarus with Russia this conflict has had, and how he became a regular" brick "in the" Chinese wall "that is evenly built between our two countries. Such things do not go without a trace.

V.Akudovich: "This conflict revealed by RF ordinary Belarusians."

I would not multiply the value of this conflict, but at the same, I would not rule out that he still further disclosed by us of, and most importantly, that opened and Belarus as a whole, and the first that is significant for the national partisan Belarusians — revealed ordinary Belarusians. "
Drakakhrust: "Gennady Rudenko, and according to your beliefs — or uncovered?"
Samusevich: "I believe that this is a huge shock for the mass consciousness of the Belarusians died. And here’s why. I remind The old expression Lukashenko -" We, as in 1941, the year of aggressive ring. "In this" aggressive "ring" was one exception — that’s our homeland. And at this point we impose the idea that already and Our homeland has become the enemy of our prosperous Belarus, say, the Russians treason and behave hands "Gazprom" as "brother ‘, thugs, etc.. Pay attention to how power lowers own explanations to the level of vocabulary and the underworld.

G.Samusevich: "Power lowers own explanations to the level of vocabulary and the underworld."

That which "give a damn" plunged the main mouthpiece of the country: "We have ganged up", "Gazprom" all is not enough "," give or take away ‘,’ brother ‘, "not on the attack," etc.. Let us recall which labels were in Stalin’s era, and you’ll see the same thing: "pests", "enemies of the people" and so on.
Unfortunately, we have artificially set a very low level of dialogue in society. In one of your gear Aleksievich Svetlana said, that Lukashenko could ask Belarusians very low level of use for consumers. In my opinion, there is not only a low level of consumption set artificially deliberately and artificially set a very low level of dialogue between the government and society, the government and opposition, and even between the opposition and the society. "
Drakakhrust: "Vladimir Mackiewicz, how would you rate the resultant vector of the community response to this new crisis?"
Mackiewicz: "I believe that public reaction indicates faster confusion about public performance, public consciousness in which no specific templates, ready-made answers to the questions that arise at this point with respect to the relations between Belarus and Russia.
But I would consider and impartial» of all this. I do not rule out that at the moment, in the summer, there is no conflict in the Belarusian-Russian relations was not simple. Not in the sense that the question with which it was artificially razdmuta, absolutely working, it is a question about the settlement of long fixed contracts. There was not only the conflict, but even the grounds for his razdmuvannya.

Matskevich: "The conflict was artificially inflated as there is about the» impartial way in which occurs the construction of the Belarusian statehood."

He was artificially inflated as there is about the» impartial way in which occurs the construction of the Belarusian statehood. And this is not about Lukashenko defines» impartial way. He asks people from certain actions. But people can make mistakes, can not consider something with something not considered. And Lukashenka has also made a number of errors.
Earlier this "snotty" friendship with Russia was at such patasnastsi that it was awkward to look at our official features, how they behaved with Russian regions, especially in the Yeltsin era. That was then incorporated into the public consciousness in mass printing stamps, now just have to eliminate. And need some shock action that would have changed this "snotty" brotherly childish ideology and rhetoric about the Belarusian-Russian relations in the usual relationship between with 2 states, even neighbors. "
The enemy — not "Gazprom" and our homeland?
Drakakhrust: "During the current crisis, as well as during the past, the winter, the Belarusian official media concentrated fire on his own critics Russian oligarchs," currency bags, "which seek to capture the Tipo Belarus.
Gennady already quoted article, "If a friend suddenly turned" from "Russian Belarus." I will give a few more quotes from this catchy publication: "Hydrogen oligarchs" buy all that is bad, and converted to a malicious sight of Gorgon, Nekhoroshikh spouses find marshakovskim with Mr. Twister. "Gazprom" is disgusted Russians, like an octopus, who grow fat "- the newspaper clearly separating bad" Gazprom "of sturdy Russians. But on August 2, Alexander Lukashenko, speaking in the editorial of the newspaper, said:
"The first time I allow myself to say this loudly: Our motherland wants to privatize not only individual companies, even donated their pryhvatsits. They want to privatize the whole country."
Pay attention: not the oligarchs, not naizloveschy "Gazprom", not the Kremlin — Our homeland. Indeed, according to the first time. Vladimir, as you can see in this latest line, a new tool of ideological construction? And how, in your opinion, it will be perceived mass consciousness? "
Mackiewicz: "Surely, you’re right. Newcomer that this little note. But I drew attention to the fact that not only has its own economy on impartial» side, and rhetoric, discourse also have a ‘ , ‘impartial side: one word pulls the other. You remember that Russian propaganda also built in a similar way: a decent South American people is under the thumb of Uncle Sam and the imperialists. exposing the imperialists, and people always served Tipo decent.
The same repeats Belarusian municipal journalism. But Lukashenko, I think, is fussing about how to distance themselves from the Russian Federation and secure that independence, which at the moment he enjoys vengeance.
These new notes — evidence that the consciousness of the elite of the Belarusian regime, in the minds of the main ideologists of the regime begins to enter an idea of what brotherhood brotherhood, and the means — it separately.

Matskevich: "Independence — a resource, which is based on wealth and power of the elite of the Belarusian regime."

Independence — is that resource, which is based on their well-being, and their power. And it really asks the configuration of the mass consciousness. They are just beginning to do so, but past history interfere say it out loud. Here at Lukashenko is not very large place for action, it hostage own previous rhetoric. "
Samusevich: "First — about the expression of the desire of the Russian Federation Lukashenko of Belarus to privatize. He himself time privatize the whole country, and nothing — no one is outraged. With all this he had some plans for privatization and Russia itself. And now we hear hysterical cries on the fact that someone is trying to privatize our country with inclusive by Alexander Lukashenko.
I have a question — why not, gentlemen? Just a very big business, and big business — it’s always a great policy. Want to be independent, free and sovereign — pay the bills. Sovereignty is the market price in the trade with its neighbors, freedom and sovereignty must pay as much as needed to maintain them. And if you can not pay or do not want, then it is very very indirectly to e» to you.
Alexander Lukashenko has to urgently change its own ideological direction. If previously we were almost Russian, we were, according to Lukashenko, "Russian property with a sign" now, to save his power, he has to urgently move away from Russia. Because such distinguished thesis — Our homeland we have no friend and enemy.
Lukashenko to pay the bills, arguing that we — the sovereign government. And we must pay tribute to the Russian Federation, that it forces us to specifically defined as a sovereign country.

G.Samusevich: "We must pay tribute to the Russian Federation, that it forces us to specifically defined as a sovereign country."

If you glance at the money that paid in the form of grants us our homeland from 1991 to 2006, it is 40-42 billion dollars. It follows that our sovereignty to a large extent was a fake, he was disbursed by the Russian side. But now we need to be determined — either we pay or we do not pay. "
Drakakhrust: "The Emperor Morozov, several years ago, commenting on the previous gas crises, you were that Lukashenko may release the genie from a bottle of anti-Russian, and that Belarusians do not know how they do not like to own the" big brother. "After these phrases pronounced Lukashenko in "Russian Belarus," we can say that he eventually released whether this produces gin? "
Akudovich: "No, I think that there is not as long as he keeps it in a closed flask of gin to a desired time, which will almost certainly come at some point. But that in itself is quite fascinating expression Lukashenko.
Not so long ago Our homeland was for Belarusians, as they say, "our all." But almost a couple of years it turned into a problem field for both the government and for ordinary Belarusians.
Of course, now that the main threat and danger to Belarus is associated not with the United States, the European Union or the opposition but with Russia. And in the future, this threat will only grow, first for power. But not in the sense that the Kremlin about any political manipulation change Lukashenko on some other, but in the sense of constructive revision of relations with Russia — from the political to the economic and financial. And it can lead to the fact that Lukashenko will lose important support their own power — his electorate.
I believe that here quoted Lukashenko expression is associated with feeling about those huge future threats. He is already preparing for them. But before that it is necessary to prepare their own electorate. And this task is not quite regular. Lukashenko came to power for so many years and held her endlessly deklyaruyuchy the same: Our homeland — "our everything." Our homeland was entirely agree with this thesis. But she was willing and most Belarusians.

V.Akudovich: "We Lukashenko worth task — inconspicuously discredit Russia in the mass consciousness, to arrange a mental revolution in the minds of Belarusians".

And now before Alyaksanram Lukashenko worth indescribably difficult task — inconspicuously discredit it "our everything" in the public mind, to arrange mental revolution in the minds of the Belarusians. I’m not sure that he cope with this task. But she solutions almost everything depends on the fate of his his power. "
Do Our homeland abroad?
Drakakhrust: "Further, I wish to draw attention to the weird phenomenon of mass consciousness. All the same, if you take note on formal economic, legal prepyadstviya side, the situation is ordinary, like a nail. Belarus took the product, it’s time to pay — to pay.’s Hard to imagine being a situation in relations between Belarus, say, Germany, Poland, Ukraine. hard in the sense of the behavior of the authorities and society’s response: to pay for the acquired no desire, but need.
And with Russia — on the other. Do not go out so that this asobnasts, isolation from RF (we — not them) is based on the idea of all the same features of the case with its eastern neighbor? Vladimir Mackiewicz, a question for you. "
Mackiewicz: "Here we must distinguish two things. During 1-x, then blame herself finomene Our homeland. Russian politics has always benefited from the economy as a means, through the economy tied to our homeland for themselves satellites through the economy Our homeland sought to twist the arms of his opponents etc. Here is the Russian habit and produces such a reaction. As Russian economic sub» objects start to do something, immediately it becomes clear that without the sanction of the Kremlin, they could not do it. "Gazprom" and Kremlin — it’s not just brothers — twins in foreign relations is practically the same.
Because no matter how funny was the rhetoric of the Belarusian regime, it has a fraction: it does not in itself for itself, "Gazprom", it makes the Russian government. It is clear that a good Russian people this is not the case. But Our homeland already has.
In-2, I did not leave the memory that this year conflict — quite artificial. Situation with payment used to inflate this PR, and it’s direction.
Previously been building Lukashenko regime sovereignty, and of the country too, chores, while rhetorically increasingly intensified friendship, loyalty, brotherhood, etc. Today it is already defected from the affairs of the rhetoric, and this rhetorical change indicates severe configurations in relations with Russia, and in the construction of the Belarusian statehood.
Then there is the third party. He does not directly concern the conflict, but you need to think about it. Very revealing was the case when prazdnichkom song "For Independent Belarus", which was deployed this summer and this was preceded by artificially public relations "war" with Russia, with pop sounded the slogan "Long live Belarus!" And mass Lukashenka’s weight, it grabbed .

Matskevich: "Rhetoric Belarusian revivalists of the late 1980s — early 1990s become topical for the regime."

I believe the rhetoric of the Belarusian revivalists of the late 1980s — early 1990s, becoming topical mode. Another thing that borrow rhetoric own opponents is always difficult, it needs to cross a certain moral limits. I think that now many of the ideologues of the regime is on such moral crossroads. Direction is known, but there is no determination to take this step. "
Drakakhrust: "Gennady, do you think that this step, which says Vladimir, step to the classical revivalist nationalism, power will be made? And apart from that for you the same question that I asked Vladimir. Well impossible for themselves to imagine that Germany , say, the German government, that he made in Belarus, Belarus and said: "And we will not pay, we have no money," and grabbed Belarusians: "It is true, no need to pay for Belarus under pressure, we wish to capture the Germans" and t . d. unrealistic to imagine for themselves such a reaction. A relative of the Russian Federation and there she is. "
Samusevich: "As traditional nationalism — no, but will certainly be changes. I remember Yuri Khadika in one of his own speeches Diet BPF somewhere in the 2002-2003 said:" Lukashenko at the moment says that we had read in recent years. This is thanks to us, this is our reward. "I then asked him:" And if Lukashenko starts read in their native language, you will record it in the nationalists? "The fact that Lukashenko is using this rhetoric — he must it mattersbe doing sovereign project.
With regard to the case of, it seems to me that the time to the nearest Belarusians and Russians, not distinguishing between their "I". If you ask, say, a German or Austrian — Teuton, Teuton answer that Austrian close to me, he told me home, but my folks — it’s not me.
The Belarusian mass consciousness to the nearest time is rassredotachivanie formed almost at the moment before our eyes: so I native Russian, but relatives — it’s not me.

G.Samusevich: "Germans need to pay, and Russian for what, he’s my, he’s such as I Now they say Russian — Gentlemen, we also need to pay. So it turns out that it’s not me. Then comes the question — who then am I? "

Difficulties in forming this understanding justified by the fact that so far there is no Belarusian civilization and national consciousness muddy, empty. And because such contradictions. Germans need to pay, and Russian for what, he’s my, he’s such as myself. And now they say Russian — Gentlemen, we also need to pay. It turns out that it’s not me. Then the question arises — who then am I? "
Drakakhrust: "Pavel Morozov, what do you think is likely if turning the Belarusian authorities on the level of ideas to traditional nationalism revivalists, to answer questions formulated by Gennady:" Who am I "?"
Akudovich: "Here I agree with Gennady that traditional nationalism through channels Lukashenko ideology impossible. He did not need Lukashenko. But the fact that some elements of which have been turned traditional nationalism, an ideology of power and will use the already heavily uses, so it probably is. When I something has long said that Lukashenko needs nationalism without civilization.
Certainly, our dealings with Russia and have a completely different nature and tradition than with other countries. These things began to take shape in that long-standing time when Belarusians were incorporated into the Russian Empire as a people, "from time immemorial", based on the belief Russian, it native.
In manifestations close to modern, they are a lot more evident during the BSSR Kremlin totally had all the resources, and the task of the Republican administration was to vytsyganit at "big brother" for the "younger" possible more money, profitable orders and other benefits. And in return we showed brotherly love and devotion, and read about what Vladimir Mackiewicz.
Tradition similar relationship was so strong that even after the collapse of the USSR Boris Yeltsin Russian functionaries and had no idea it was to change. But then came Putin, who was no longer Russian functionary, and even more was his non-Soviet environment. And Lukashenka could not or dared not the appropriate time to start perafarmatovvats tradition of relations with Russia.

V.Akudovich: "In our eyes, we cease to be brotherly nations and start their own way to the sub» ektnastsi because without tearing the umbilical cord with Russia, this sub» ektnasts was unfeasible . "

It seems that only the latter gas conflict has become the point that this long tradition zakantsavala. And this — the transfer of a negative reaction from some Russian institutes for Russia as a whole.
Entirely possible that this expression is denoted Lukashenko beginning of an era very different relationship with Russia. Before our eyes, we cease to be brotherly nations and start their own way to the sub» ektnastsi because without tearing the umbilical cord with Russia, this sub» ektnasts was impracticable. While we were brothers of, we have always remained slightly nedasub» object. Maybe that begins here and another on our way. "

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