Prague accent: Challenges and ability to study abroad

How many Belarusians studying abroad?
Drakakhrust: "As a large-scale training of Belarusian students abroad? This weave, thousand, 10s of thousands of students? How does it look in this sense Belarus in comparison with other countries? Poklad Tatiana, if you have any data on this?"
Poklad "I do not know the exact figure and I believe that no one knows her.

"This year, from Belarusian universities were expelled 20 students" T. Poklad

But it is clear that this is not a thousand, except if you count together with those students who, without the help of others went abroad to study. I know that this year from Belarusian universities were expelled 20 students.
There are students who have suffered not because they themselves participated in the protests, as well as participated in political activities and their seven». "
Drakakhrust: "Inna Cooley, or maybe you know the number? I’m not asking about those that move on the political, let’s call them so, handbills, and in general — how many Belarusian students to study abroad? I read somewhere that the Chinese again per year in the United States solely to study moving 10s of thousands of students. "
Cooley: "I agree with the assessment of Tatiana on the demographic situation of Belarus far from China. Likely refers to the tyschah young people. And it really is not only repressed — they were hundreds of last year, this year is much smaller. But there are those who enters the zabugornye universities without the help of others, for a variety of applets, as those who pay for ancestors. "
Drakakhrust: "Gregory Minenkov, and can you understand at least the estimated number?"
Minenkov: "I am sure, agree with their interlocutors may be, it is about a hundred. But here I would like to remind the policy of our government, which, as you know, put various obstacles training of our students abroad. Maybe they were would be more, but for various reasons, not everyone can go. And this is different from the same China, where in all the specifics of this country studying abroad is maintained at the municipal level. "
Who goes on to study programmke Kalinowski?
Drakakhrust: "Members of our program have already noted that in addition to the natural process of studying abroad there, so to speak, educational emigration. From time to time it has forced character, as happened with the European Humanities Institute, from time to time referred to special education programs from assistance to young people who have suffered from political persecution in Belarus.
One of these programs — aaplet Kalinowski, coordinates Mrs. Cooley. This program generates a lot of controversy. We divide if something — always a lot of unhappy. But Inna how exactly fair, conscientious selection of candidates for programmke Kalinowski fall whether there "criminals" — young people who under the guise of "fighting the regime victims" just wanting to get to study abroad? "
Cooley: "In my opinion, these" criminals "can not get in the program, because the selection is hard enough. It is based on how much the documents that confirm the facts with respect to direct repression or very young person or of his family» and databases and human rights organizations, members of the Council Committee of the repressed. Indispensable also interviewed by the candidate.
Here are a few things triggered. Person must prove that he really suffered, he finds information about yourself in the media, brings the court orders, fines, records searches, his candidacy is sold on databases "Spring", "Human Rights Alliance", "Nasha Niva", according to our based Committee for the Protection of the repressed.

"Thieves" can not get into the program from J. Cooley

Also during the interview becomes a natural, whether youth who wish to go to such an education emigrate permanently, or a person who wants to get great knowledge and to return to his native Belarus. "
Drakakhrust: "Tatiana, for you when you make your transfer, often had to talk with students Kalinouski. Or justify the experience of these discussions that reads Mrs. Cooley? "
Poklad: "I really have their own memories of these students. I wish to say that many of the" Kalinouski "- Kalinouski real, sincere Belarusians, I mean, information on them can be found on the Web. They lead their blogs. They immediately felt themselves public figures.
We often do not take into account that students who move to study abroad at their own choice, prepare for it, they learn the language. Students who have suffered from political persecution, not prepared, not planning to go abroad. Them after 3 months, and from time to time and faster, you need to cross training on a totally different language, a language that they have never been taught. Rushed to criticize these young people — I would not have lifted a hand to throw a stone at them. Even for those who did not work with study, you must treat with compassion. "
Education "on the knee"?
Drakakhrust: "We have almost deserted to follow the theme — the quality of learning. Here programm Kalinowski and YSU have different difficulties. Sovereign Minenkov when YSU worked in Minsk, it was the usual technology institution. As I understand it, the current status of his institution in Exile makes a lot of inconvenience for students and for teachers, not whether it goes education, so to speak, "on the knee"?
Minenkov: "This is a very fascinating question, this problem always we are concerned. I would have continued that said Tatyana — so, study abroad is not easy, it’s the other conditions, a different culture. We, in this sense, too, are experiencing some difficulties, but we will keep in mind that YSU working in Belarusian and Russian languages, and we somehow remove this difficulty.
Daylight institution to another status difficult, although we had difficulties in Minsk, although their own country, but there were plenty of obstacles.
But I would put it this way — there are difficulties and inconveniences, but no education "on the knee." Learning conditions are very good, and we are very grateful to our employees Lithuanian, Lithuanian government, which made it very different material conditions at the Institute of Mykolas Romerysa, where we have the best conditions than many Belarusian institutions at home.
I also wish to emphasize that the important thing in training — who and how to teach. With us were our teachers who work here.

Students from our school to work independently is not very accustomed to. R. Minenkov

We continue our tradition, but on the new applets. We currently are the first issues of undergraduates, and we were very worried, but we have seen that, despite all the difficulties, it is a very high level, very highest results. I would like to mention another dilemma, which, for sure, and faced Kalinouski. We are working on a completely different educational model, where a large role given to students’ independent work. The students of our school this is not very accustomed to, and if no one is standing over them with a whip, something like that and not have to do anything. In fact a lot of what should be done without the help of others.
The most grievous our set was first, at the moment they finish 2nd year. We in these two years were able to teach them to work without the help of others, although there were some random people.
So learning "on the knee" no. I would have said that we already have not only full-time education is the introduction of modern technologies — distance learning and use of the Web. "
khrust: "Mrs. Cooley and which can be say about the success of students applets Kalinowski? About this program from many walks of rumors — and not only in Belarusian municipal media, and blogs on the Web. Well, the students in the world — not monks and nuns are not, but still relatively success: do not leave such a thing that programmke Kalinowski move revolutionaries, and there need not be trained to do the revolution and that may be the least interesting. Here Tatiana said that they feel public officials. But they were public figures in Belarus, and there are students. Does not leave many of their views, and this discrepancy reality? "
Cooley: "We are lucky that this year created such a typical society students, employees and parents committee. And because we keep abreast of and in the course of almost all events that occur with Kalinouski.
And there is pride that most of these young people learned how Minenkov emperor said, without the help of others to learn that the most important thing in this system of European education.

"Only 20% of Belarusian students can not cope with this applets." I.Kuley

They were taught that the timetable drawn up because they feel comfortable. At first it seemed that if the three a day or a week free, in these days of can only play. But the approaching session, they realize that These days are were given to the fact that they were sitting on the Web, libraries, consulted with friends, talking, etc.
Obviously a lot of difficulty — another language, in some departments on — two, three, British, French, German. Plus the fact that they are cut off from their homeland, at least 30 people in general can not come back because of their criminal cases. This sadness and nostalgia.
Went there not only the students in the Square were students who went on programmke Kalinowski train with the first course. It was very hard to adapt to a foreign country.
But I can say that the programm worked. July 2 was the announcement of the results of the first round applets Kalinowski, and rectors of Polish institutions with pleasure were that only 20% of Belarusian students can not cope with this applets.
20% — this figure is lower than in most institutions for Polish students is about 40 people. And this — not a final judgment, they can not now continue training programmke Kalinowski since not get a scholarship, but does not mean that they are thrown out of the institute, they can turn to the rector, asked again and start at the beginning, when they were heavily .
As far as the fact that there are different kinds of temptations in Polish towns that have the ability for a joyous evening, I think it’s too basic. At such meetings communication takes place with free people, with students from the free states, they pick up the air of freedom. "
Width of the "window of opportunity" zabugornom education
Drakakhrust: "At first the conversation you all have concluded that if we are talking about training Belarusians abroad are talking about a relatively small number of people. To what extent this possibility still expanding freedom of choice for young Belarusians, the extent to which the presence of this choice constrains intentions authorities and managers of Belarusian universities exclude from their students, dissidents? Tatiana, a question for you. "
Poklad: "Well, we can say that in this year of our universities were seized even fewer students than in the past. But it was on» specific prerequisites — this year there were no such large-scale actions. Case that the Belarusian authorities are trying not to let students out of the country, we know that even mundane conference, seminar, meeting for a student can not go without the permission of the Minister of Education. This thing is completely incomprehensible to normal, democratic country.
Belarusian students are excluded from the process of internationalization of higher education. Authorities are trying to close people in their own country, so it is easier to raise obedient people. There are utilities that both South American programm Senator Muskie as German applets that allow the Belarusian part of the curriculum for students to go abroad.

"Belarusian students are excluded from the process of internationalization of higher education" T.Poklad

And the fact that in addition to these applets appeared for special programs from repressed students — it promotes the internationalization of education.
Saying that the Belarusian authorities are afraid of this. This is evidenced by the attack on the program from Kalinowski from the Belarusian official propaganda. "
Minenkov: "Obviously, these students slightly, but that there is a nominee, there is a choice (and it should be in education, pressed, it does not make power) — this is very good, because those who wish to learn, who wish to learn modern knowledge can make this choice. ‘Cause I think that the presence of such forms is very principled and very well if they are to develop. It’s a human right — where and how to learn.
How does it influence our government to manage the Ministry of Education? I think it has an impact. Tatiana has recalled attacks on aaplet Kalinowski. If YSU about two years silent, at the moment there have been several false materials, where we write about what we are bad and how we teach bad. This means that the government feels the danger in this choice. "
Drakakhrust: "Mrs. Cooley, the same question for you. All the same, some incommensurable number: on programmke Kalinouski This year set — 70. Another figure — Belarus hundreds of thousands of students. And neuzh the presence of this "window of capacity" for 70 seats so significantly changes the moral climate in the country? "
Cooley: "It is clear that the minority has an impact on most, if it is an active minority. Young are sitting in the web, meet, discussions are conducted, and the ones from adchyh hear that need not fear.’s The main thing.

"These young people, returnees will be ready to change those rules state now" I. Cooley

Young people — always Maximalists, their have my own thoughts on various things, and many of them express their thoughts, sitting in classrooms own universities. And they feel that now you can just have the opportunity to continue their education, if you want to speak aloud.
Together educational programs from different states — they destroy terror in Belarusian society. Most importantly we prepyadstviya in Belarus — is the lack of info and horror that inspires power: Do not lean your head, do not be active, and then pazbavissya work, study place. Not pazbavissya not!
Those countries that have reached out to our students — Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania and other countries in Europe — they have passed this way and know that they can not be endless and endless dictatorship. Certainly all change.
My world — that this work is very critical, and not only because it makes the ambience of Liberty, and then as she trains for the future of Belarus. These young people, returnees will be ready to change those rules state, including education, now. "
For whom Belarusians studying abroad?
Drakakhrust: "What are the job prospects in Belarus those students who have studied abroad for a" political "band — on programmke Kalinowski or YSU? Or not their education is" blacklisted "in the homeland? Minenkov Emperor, do you think?"
Minenkov: "Yes, there is such a problem. True, we still have not had the issue in exile, so we can not say how our students will find employment. Moreover, we are working on the European model, and bakalyavreat Masters. And for bachelors Be
larus does not even have a legal framework for the job. They should at least get a master’s degree.
But I’d be willing to look at it another way. Students studying abroad, get new experience, and they will look for their positions, as already at the moment are students who are enrolled in YSU absentia and work in municipal and private institutions. When we talk about the limited choice at the moment of modern technology, communications technology allow to study abroad without having to travel abroad. YSU enjoys it, and we are stepping up our distance learning, where students can save their work place.
I also agree with Mrs. Cooley, what else is there and the future, everything changes, and yet our students studied blowjob time and they went out and brought to the work itself. Especially since it is not only in their own country, because at the moment the world is different. "
Drakakhrust: "Abilities employment in Belarus for such students — this is one side of the problem. But there is another — and how they themselves after studying abroad, after living in the criteria of freedom, will be willing to vorachivatsya in Belarus, where they did not expect roses? Not out there so that appropriate applets — just another channel of emigration? Mrs. Cooley, here you have said that this training for the future of Belarus. Maybe — for Lithuania, Poland, America, for around the world, apart from Belarus? "
Cooley: "" Student Idea "made a survey in the midst of YSU students and applets Kalinowski. And there are no examples that someone did not want to return to their homeland. Obviously, the fate may arise in different ways. When a woman marries in Lithuania, Poland or Ukraine — God forbid, that happiness was hers. If her heart homeland, it will be the people’s diplomacy in the country where it will be live, and will always think about the usefulness of their own land, where her ancestors, where her ancestors. Where his ancestors, as if fate was in the young man.

"I’m an optimist and I’m sure that most of these young people will us "I. Cooley

A vorachivatsya home hunt for those who wish to apply themselves in the hereafter. These applets for repressed students went active and devotees who were expelled from the institutions. And these people dream, so quickly come a time when they will come back and work with dignity and honestly without translators or travel agencies and on their own specialty. Work they have learned their place in life is learned.
I am optimist and believes that most of these young people will be with us, and you just need to offer them a place in the democratic movement, so that they could attach their knowledge now. "
Minenkov: "What does it mean — to return or not return? We in Belarus they say — we need to prepare professionals for their own country, why would they go somewhere, they must be trained here because they work here and we should distribute them etc.

"Spices, which move in zabugornye country, would have great potential for career growth» car" R.Minyankov

What does "work for themselves" when developing the network society, and can live in one place and work — in the other, not leaving. Indeed, such projects are evolving, and our graduates can work for Belarus, living in Warsaw or Vilnius. Changes the very meaning and labor and employment.
Besides the situation still change. Hard to say when, and that our graduates will do in the coming years, but still it hardly will change after many years. And our graduates — young people. And I believe that such experts specifically that move zabugornye country who are trained we will have great potential for mapping» career. They will be trained themselves to build their lives.
When we talk to the parents of our students, we say — you know, they will have difficulties, ancestors answer — no, we know that they live in a different world, and they need to learn from you. And at YSU in the native language and learn how to search for his place in life.
Experience of living abroad — is also the experience of what is democracy in practice. We Belarus has little idealistic notion of democracy, and it should be our eyes behold, behold, as Europe lives.
And if our country will change when it is vorachivatsya in Europe, it will be useful such experts. And they will need more than those who received education in Belarus. "

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