Prague accent: What will happen after Lukashenko?

Drakakhrust"There are two models of building civilization on cultural and ethnic unity — the German model, and civil and political unity — the French model. Would not a more striking example of the latter model is the United States, ethnic unity as there is no such, and the language — a joint with the former metropolis. But there is what is called "plain religion" Yankees. Incidentally, in principle, although poor, the project of building a civilian civilization was the idea of the Russian people.
Segodnyaschy Belarusian cultural and ethnic power project construction rejects civilization. As we heard from Pavel Yakubovich, power reduces cultural and ethnic collaboration project to experience the war. This means that the choice is made in favor of a civilian model of civilization. But to build a civilian civilization requires strong, pochetaemye public universities, which can connect people in society, and connected to, say, the same United States. Do in Belarus, Belarusians such universities, on which you can build civilians civilization? Sovereign Sadowski, what do you think? "
Sadowski"I started to answer the paradoxical sayings: to conserve water, it is necessary to drink any more.» People are willing n Coke, beer and vodka. But to make 1 liter of beer, you need to lose 7 l. water for Coke — 4 and biofuel ethanol — 4650 l. water. We’re talking about economic and social progress of the ordinary, everyday life, which suits a wimp, and commoners to make at least 75 percent of what country, reflects 10 -15 percent, 4 percent intensively working people. I believe that we should operate European examples, that even Paul says that we — Europe.

P. Sadowski: "We — the unfinished civilization and our president — a mirror of this."

You, Yuri, a couple of times used the term "public institutions" and recalled the United States. I repeat, I do not know of civilization, a country where public universities could be built without government ideas. However, now it is exactly the unfashionable, they say that the government thought ended in the twentieth century. But we — the unfinished civilization and our president — a mirror of this. It has a success, since it reflects the state of the electorate. But of course, that you must have to go forward.
If you look at European countries, such as, say, Germany, we we see, that in the era of globalization becomes a burning patriotism, and not only constitutional, and state. I like Germanic can say that if the Germans were not a civilization in the usual sense, they would have taken all of their investments to where the available labor force and unemployment in Germany would be even great than at the moment. In the last 2 years unemployment decreases. And it is largely the result of the fact that German entrepreneurs who Tipo hundred percent urasli Globalization behave as patriots, think not only about their own income, and how to take the work of their fellow countrymen.
Look at the behavior of the German energy concerns regarding France, Italy, Russia, the Baltic states. They behave patriotically. Creole civilization itself will not. If you have a look at Latin America, you will see that there is no state idea Rod and many countries remain a banana republic. "
Drakakhrust: "Mrs. Aleksievich you already dubbed one institution, which is currently trying to build a civilization of Belarus. This president is not as president, but a certain person who holds this post — Alexander Lukashenko. In some sense the power of building a civilization as Belarus Lukashenko people. While this model works somehow. What if he goes — one way or another? Would not that not only the political system, and national unity may falter and even crumble, raised only on this rod ? "
Aleksievich"Lukashenko paradox rests not only on his personal qualities. And the only thing I agree with Paul that the opposition we have weak and poorly trained, she does not live in the world of contemporary challenges. Necessary to pay tribute to Lukashenko that he learns quickly, he is what Arnold Toynbee called a political animal. And here we all got defeated. intuitive He paralyzed his men, threw him to the lower level, the level of consumption. Civilization niveliravali to use vulgar level, of what the whole world is screaming click, that’s the way in emptiness. And we still called it progress.

Alexiyevich: "Resentment — it is not a good foundation. Failure to change generates a sacrifice, and it is very brutal creature."

Lukashenko zmikshyravav transition to this new, strange, horrible place, and his personal property coincided with the passage of time. He gave the feeling that nothing in the world has changed. Peter has already stated that it was someone else’s expense, but savetskasts in it — that’s what keeps it himself, and the illusion people.
I have a house in the village to live in the midst of ordinary people, not the writers’ dachas. And there is one farmer said to me: "But Lukashenko and will leave! What would the same chaos." And I saw what people are afraid of what fears nomenclature, which can be and can not stand it, so he humiliates her and holds in horror, fear farmers who receive small salaries, but if you want — two cattle hold, want — 10. They are afraid, they hear the chaos that will come. After suppressed any resistance force, the force of ideas, the power of nomination. Remains that there are young people. Paul stated that people, especially young people, feel in a separate state, that we are here — Belarusians, and there — Russian. It’s like in Russia. Now what keeps the Russian Anti-western, especially among young people? On offense — not fooled West supported, not made equal. What keeps the feeling that we Belarusians? On offense on the Russians: they are rich, and we … Offense — is a bad foundation. Inability to change generates sacrifice, which is very brutal creature. And I think that we expect a very languid times. And they will. "
Drakakhrust"Jakubowicz, you this question can be spicy, but what is your answer? Would not that if Lukashenko at some point, for one reason or another leave, the Belarusian government will, together with him?"
Yakubovich"Svetlana significantly raised the bar talking. I’m with her almost all agree, but I want to clarify something. 10 years ago, I took a huge interview with Alexander Lukashenko. And then he said:" I understand what either Chancellor Leo Sapieha. Standing in front of me in a certain sense the same prepyadstviya. "And indeed, in Belarus almost all the same problems that have been majestically Duchy of Lithuania. Svetlana states of offense. I would not translate them into sensual plane. But in fact in January this year our country: the left and the right, and Orthodox and Catholics — "Gazprom" as armored fist, tried to put on his knees. This very pragmatic: either hand over your industry or our businessmen, we disable the gas for you. Glory God, in response to these people received a firm and firmness of cool, though, of course, no problem is not solved, nor the broader question of the historic choice.

P.Yakubovich: "The main reward Alexander Lukashenko that he retained the Republic of Belarus, preserved human, spiritual potential, from which all later will develop."

West as cold attitude to this situation, they say, there you are close to each other and decide their own affairs, and we’ll see the fence, how it all ends. This is my first update. Second — about the Russian Prince Ivan Kalita. He remained in the history of diverse figure, but, in my opinion, the main thing in his activity was not what he annexed several principalities to his own capital, and that the preservation of state and educated people, especially the youth, the complete lack of horror at Horde. So when he died, and there Sergius of Radonezh, and Dmitry Donskoy. I think the main award Alexander Lukashenko that he retained the Republic of Belarus, preserved human and spiritual potential, from which all later formed: and civilian society, and confidence that we Belarusians and Moscow for us — very friendly capital of the country, but less. Because and Warsaw. What we — part of Europe. But this period is necessary to survive.
Svetlana how great writer, expressed what worries us all — we expect languid times. And in preparation for this long needed internal consolidation. And the fact that such consolidation, in my opinion — the main award Lukashenko Lukashenko and time, with all ekstravagantnastsyah propaganda nehlyamyazhastsi writers and composers, the lack of national debate. I, by the way, for their. Poland his "round table" showed how this principle. But most importantly, to grow new people. "
< b>Drakakhrust: "Peter Sadowski, and you agree with that assessment of the life-affirming? And can not get in front of that system based on one person, may crumble after her departure? And not such a burgeoning garden remains after her, as described to us by Pavel Yakubovich, and the desert? "
Sadowski: "It seems to me that Paul is still not read about the burgeoning garden. As for your question, it seems to me that nothing terrible will not. We just go back in a year 1990-1991 and will regret the lost time. But our regret, also view the burgeoning garden or debris will depend on how long we will live because we live, can grow as a business and not just big, but the fact that in the villages and districts.
I think that after the final destruction of our president will malehankih Russian Union. Nothing terrible will not. We must realize that in Russian called "Loose incident."

P. Sadowski: "We just go back in a year 1990-1991 and will regret the lost time."

Here we look at Russia and envy her. But let Our homeland utter thank the United States for what they are waging war on the oil East. Russians understand that once it is completed, and God grant them their crazed bucks arranged as follows. And we are the same. We have Russian market, which is still something we buy and we here 12 years zhyravali smallness. Everything is a function of these external events. "
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