Previous lawyer Rinkevich: Kozulin avenged the truth about the regime

July 13 2006 referee Metropolitan District Court of Minsk Alexey Rybakov acknowledged Alexander Kozulin guilty of hooliganism and riots organization and awarded him five and a half years in prison.
About verdict Alexander Kozulin vyznat all later, as he was removed from the hall. Also removed journalists and relatives Kozulin. At the trial of former presidential candidate defended lawyers Igor Rinkevich and Dmitry Harachka.
After the trial, they continued their work, sent a number of complaints, but at first the city of Minsk Tribunal (and later Supreme Tribunal) Sentence Kazulina not changed. Igor Rynkevich believes that these judges have shown dependent on the executive power, which avenged Alexander Kozulin for "the truth about the regime, said during the presidential campaign."
According to Igor Rinkevich, the Belarusian authorities to This time Alexander Kozulin fears:
"Kozulin their behavior in the bullpen, namely, hunger strike, has confirmed that he is ready to give his life for the democratic principles that this soldier only stern politicians are afraid of power. Because it is not something that no release, and even softened his punishment, which is obviously illegal and unfair. "
Why Alexander Kozulin hunger strike?
I recall at the end of last year in the colony Alexander Kozulin 53 a day or held a political hunger strike. Policies sought the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko, whose government he had not recognized as the state sought to make out with human rights Belarus in the UN Security Council.
As a result of the hunger strike Alexander Kozulin and indeed on the initiative of the U.S. government at a meeting of the UN Security Council raised the issue of Belarus.
During the hunger strike Alexander Kozulin lost over 20 kg. Prison doctors recognize that policies hitherto not ozdorovel. But precise information about the health Kozulin no more than a month.
Now a long-term policy to date have gone to his daughter Olga and Julia. Younger Julia told about preparation for the meeting, and about their own expectations:
"You see, dreamed of seeing, take the arms, look in your eyes and the long-term leave."
Unfortunately, on This time do not have to see the spouse spouse Kozulin Ira — lady fell ill.
Rybakov referee went on increasing
As the fate of other witnesses and participants in the process?
A few months back the the lawyer Igor Rynkevich authorities took lawyer’s license. Rinkevich Emperor thinks he avenged that defended Kozulin. Could affect the fact after meeting with a politician lawyer aired on the will of its political statements.
At the moment, Alexander Kozulin protects lawyer. Already two months lawyer not beheld own client.
Attorney Sergei Bortnik, who supported the public prosecution in the trial of Kozulin, stayed to work in the Metropolitan District Prosecutor’s Office. But referee Alexey Rybakov went on increasing — he now works in the Minsk city court.
After the process of Sergey and Alexey Rybakov Bortnyk included in the list of Belarusian officials banned arrival in the EU and USA.
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