Prick us and for all that refer to public opinion …

Are the chances that the parliamentary elections scheduled for September 28, will be democratic and fair, that the House would not be obedient addition to the presidential administration, which so far on all matters spoke unanimous or almost unanimous?
Answers to these questions seek out many of our listeners. Their opinions, hypotheses, predictions, they are divided in letters to the "Freedom". Here he writes about the elections approached our friend davneshny Vasily Cornflower with Radoshkovichi Molodechno district:
"I am confident that a candidate from the democratic forces need to withdraw their candidacies, not to be party to legitimize this so-called" parliament ".
Distinguishing point — that refused to participate in elections, owed jointly with his own party. I would like to hear the outlook analysts Freedom: Why did it happen? I think the reason is that he was the "top" given such a command. The need for the party as comfortable gaydukevitskay "pocket" of opposition disappeared. In the House of Representatives will most likely create a powerful pro-government party like Putin’s "United Russian Federation." In general, on their own conclusions, I do not insist "
— Wrote in a letter to the "Freedom" with Basil Cornflower Radoshkovichi Molodechno district.
This subject, sire Cornflower, we gave a lot of attention in the past July, when news broke about unparticipation favorite Liberal Democratic Party Sergei Haidukevich. Sounded and presentation professionals, and the point of view of the sovereign Haidukevich which, remember, referred to the fact that he and his party need to focus on preparing for more meaningful than the parliamentary elections, political events.
Lyrics analytical programs "Examination of Liberty" and "Prague accent" dedicated topic, can be found in our archives on the website Belarusian Freedom.
On the topic of the next election and expressed our continued listener and creator — Paul Satz village of cankers Malorita district. He writes:
"We gather in signatures for nomination of a candidate from the authorities. Came to my mom. It — ignorance. Filed own passport, found mine. Gatherers signed for it themselves and even uttered:" How will Paul, let him come, raspishatstsa. "

Imagine what a scandal broke out would have done so if the opposition activists.
I know that just collected signatures for nomination of pro-government candidates in other towns of Belarus. Prick us and for all that still refer to public opinion. Now Kozulin and other political prisoners released for the species, they say that the elections will be carried out honestly. All for the sake of the West to recognize the legitimate House of Representatives, "- wrote in his own letter to the" Freedom "from the village of Paul Satz cankers Malorita district.
Indeed, how these elections will be held, in relations between the West and the Belarusian authorities today depends very nearly everything. For information on how to nominate a candidate, as forms the electoral commissions, as presently occurs the campaign, our radio in recent months and has reported frequently reported. It is already clear: to count the votes the opposition hardly tolerated in the district commissions were a matter of its representatives. Maybe Do these criteria rely on good faith and fair elections? Certainly not. Although hardly necessary to lay and what the government ever will create for their own opponents greenhouse conditions and will allow them to easily take most of the seats in parliament.
Created subsequent letters Galina Alexander from Mogilev, speaks about the dialogue between the Belarusian authorities and the West — after official Minsk agreed to the release of political prisoners. Listener wrote:
"No matter how hard it may seem alloy Lukashenko, at West bolshennom desire could swiftly to crush it. Everything depends on how the forge of a blacksmith — the temperature and force of impact. Another thing, really wish that the European Union and the United States?
Here for Alyaksandr Kozulin smallish must bow to the West. You please Lukashenko freed political prisoner, and the power of truth and justice "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Galina Alexander of Mogilev.
You can extend your, Ms. Alexander, the analogy with the blacksmith and a piece of metal. That blacksmith temperature and calculate the force of impact correctly perastaraetstsa — and all the work goes to waste. And the patient and capable of even the most hard metal is converted into appeasable preparation, and in the end — buys the shape and quality that are essential to the master.
In one of the surveys nedavneshnih mail sounded letters Nicholas buse with Oakwood and Nicholas Kukso Ivenets of the fate of the collective farms, about how rural inhabitants now live, what they say and think. After hearing these arguments, our friend davneshny Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi said about the life of 1st own an old friend — the tractor Nicholas from Miory district, which he, as noted in the letter, respects "in mind, for indifference to hard liquor for equal, measured family relations, for thirst of knowledge." Nikolai two daughters, wife and a large private sector.
He is 45 years old, serves on the tractor herd of cattle that graze in the summer field. Leaves the house and the fourth morning, driving up the milkmaids, delivers water and home from work vorachivaetsya not before eight in the evening. In his letter to Constantine Syrel so retells own conversation with Nicholas:
"I said to him:" So it turns out that you are from 4 am until eight in the evening working on? Maybe not to the same weekend? "
-Yes, every day. So you also have to add that I own two cattle, heifer yes, yes pigs, chickens yes. Also keep bunnies. Yes hectare vegetable garden. Cows hay for the winter need to prepare — above the head of affairs. I that would gain for the children pay for the computer, or glazing in the house would put?
— Kohl, not withstanding, undermine health. It is unrealistic to work so hard. And that, in two-shift operation is not as organized?
— People do not. Some work. Nothing stand. Soon the double milking scamper — day is already small. Then it will be easier.

Next Syrel Constantine writes that Nicholas said tractor to a question about the declared power agrotowns yes village revival:
"Yes, there is no rebirth. This all bikes for urban. Several farms organized, so it was that on TV show. Agrotowns And these no one needed. Fence deliver concrete, paint, sign hanged — that’s the whole agro. Our village was all — and washer-bath complex, and canning plant and smokehouse, and bytkombinat — all looted, some walls are. equipment, furniture — all carried off, even with the floor boards ripped. kolkhoz office in the former couple are sitting cultural activities organizers — no one else. At school 30 pupils left school and soon closed.
— A presidential houses like?
— And who are they necessary? Who will live in them? Do young people today will agree to work from 4 in the morning until eight at night seven days a week for a penny? Vaughn has three luxurious two-storey houses, four apartments each. They’re not too long ago completely built. Three houses on two families live in other apartments anyone even glass in some windows anymore. It was to their central heating held — cut, put the stove — saw dymoprovody stand? And the apartment is nice, repair — and live. In the villages, consider, some elderly people remained. After 30 years away from our village will not be a trace, and from nearby villages too. Forest will grow here, shrubs and weeds. And you say — the revival. "

Constantine ends his letter Syrel subsequent co
nclusions (another quote):
"Able to power our home with an ordinary job to do, sorry for tavtalegiyu, heroic feat, this is, from my point of view, evidence of mere inability to organize agriculture typical manufacturing process. In my opinion, organize and do not need anything — give people the freedom do not interfere — they all organize a good way. feats And in the harvest or on any pasture is not necessary — you just need to work out how to make a normal democratic countries are ordinary people " — So ends his letter to the "Freedom" of Constantine Syrel Ushacha.
Indeed, sire Syrel: while there is at least one in the village itself Nicholas — hardworking, diligent, teetotal — he would give as much land can handle as he want. And with technology to assist, and loans — for fertilizers, to build on the seeds.
Another thing that tyschah Belarusian villages withdo it is unrealistic: there is no more such Nikolaev. Some are outdated, others died, and others have moved from the collective farm in the city of despair … Overgrown with bushes, converted into wasteland those fields and meadows that watered their later 10s and hundreds of generations of Belarusian farmers.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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