Process 5 reincarnated in process 9

At various times they confiscated at the border in Grodno Vladimir Larin UCP of journalist Andrew Pisalnik, student Kalinouski Alexei Trubkin and unemployed from Ivie district Dmitry dank. The initiator of the case — Grodno regional KGB office.
Referee Alexander Sitko explained to that court procedure caused people to expect.
Referee: "Yes, a job interview preparation, and later found out from the parties — whether they received the copy of their objections, if they wish to have their own representatives. Later will invite representatives of interested parties only, in other words — the KGB, then — Grodno regional customs and those who filed a claim. So, Vladimir Larin. Let’s both: the representative of the KGB, the representative of customs there? Come here! "
Vladimir Larin lured to the case for the book, which he had not even read.

Vladimir LarinLarin"I was just a part of a conversation in October will be the first hearing. Said that literature is an extremist.
The book is called "Accidental President." It was November 13, 2007, I was crossing the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, was searched, and I seized this book. "
It happened at the border crossing "Privalka."
Reporter: "Andrzej Pisalnik left the court: what was the conversation itself?"
Pisalnik: "I asked to read the materials of the case initiated on the initiative of the KGB. In fact, unfortunately, I have not seen anything that would confirm the position of the KGB that" Glos znad Niemna na uchodzstwie "has some extremist nature. Such a conclusion was Deputy Chief Directorate of the KGB in the Grodno region A.Mankevich that the newspaper contains information with signs of extremist. itself referred the matter — on the recognition of informational materials extremist. Here’s what I saw in the case that the referee gave me. "
Andrzej Pisalnik been explained that until September 25, he may file his written objections to the content of the case.
Pisalnik: "In a statement I saw KGB links, quotations, even the titles of articles" Glosu znad Niemna na uchodzstwie ", in which, in their opinion, may contain extremism."
Unemployed Dmitry Corrosive vorachivalsya from Poland with a friend by car. On the Polish side held a rally of solidarity with Belarus avtapadarozhnym distributed leaflets and CDs.

Dmitry CorrosiveCorrosive: "Well, suddenly gave the disc, on the border were detained, and at the moment has caused in the KGB — for anything. As written in the protocol — I can not remember a year ago was on the brink."
Dmitry Corrosive not even had time to realize — that was not recorded on the 2-discs, which to him were the case.
In the case are still 5 persons, which now was not Yuri Martinovic, Dmitry boy, Haretski Eugene Skrabutan and Valery Shchukin.

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