Protestant believers defended camp near Minsk

Local authorities claimed to close the camp, if you have made all the necessary procedures. Sought to provide a list of all members of organized recreation, to get permission of the regional administration and the Committee on Religious Affairs to conduct a summer camp.
Pastor of the "Church of Jesus Christ" said Boris Chernoglaz "Freedom" that believers organized home camp near the village Aksakovschina Volozhin district will work until July 15.
Boris Chernoglaz told that believers managed to reach a compromise with the local authorities, who tried to stop the rest of the community of believers.
July 10 Managing ideological department Volozhinski executive committee Oleg Bobrik with 2 staff members of the executive committee (with them were two in civilian clothes who refused to identify themselves) visited the home site.
They claimed to make a list of all the participants of the camp, also give written permission for a company camp from the Minsk regional administration and the Committee for Religious Affairs.

Oleg Bobrik

Vice-chairman Peter explained to the Executive Committee Bibik "Freedom" that the acts of ideological control have no political motive:
"If it is a religious organization, then you must have permission of the supreme body of the development camp, but it is not. Nor is there a list of participants in the camp. The most important thing, that if it is somehow connected with religion, then must agreement with the department in the religions and nationalities. "
Pastor says Boris Chernoglaz:
"This camp is going on there for many years. In This year we have gathered all the necessary papers. But this did not prevent the authorities fault. Bureaucrats tried to close against the will of our camp. But we have all the papers in order. The authorities have acknowledged this and have allowed us to complete the camp.
This home stay where there are cultural applets, sports and free time just when the family can play in the forest, swim in the river … But religious people may some time and pray. "
Boris Chernoglaz believes that the legislation intended, so totally to control minors. For example, the authorities did not quite permit parents to leave the baby abroad — requires permission from school administration.
"It pasyaganne, in our view, the rights of parents to decide the fate of their own kids. This sample full control over the life of the family" — says Chernoglaz.
In Last year August 8, the authorities forcibly finished camp under Smargonnyu. Sixty people, of which only fifteen were adults, put in buses and under escort of military border troops were taken to Minsk.
• Authorities have removed the camp for the children of Protestants, 9.08.2006

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