PS 111: I do not understand what human rights violations you reads …

Many of our students in letters to the "Freedom" the realities of his life associated with the version of reality, which indicates the state television and taught in the municipal newspaper publications. Output comparisons are made variety.
One of the letters to this topic mail in the past days — Leonid Tsybulsky of Rechitsy. This city, as you know, in This year will accept the Republican Dozhinki. A listener writes:
"I look at the current Rechitza — and remember the postwar years. Just all the breaking open and rework. And funds from their lack. And on our street to spend the gas, it is necessary to lay 300 meters of pipe. Fact that — answer — no money. Pay they say themselves.
On television, in print as our lives do not approve of — well, not life, and raspberry. But in reality?
Sweetens bureaucrats and ordinary people — in poverty. Office companies grow. At the same time, largely due to the relative authorities.
As for the "gas" war with Russia, which in the near future they say a lot, then follow my worldview. President Lukashenko wants to show people their own "parent" care (which in fact is only in words), and assure people as if all the difficulties and the relentless rise in prices to blame for our homeland. And he meanwhile will build ice arenas, stadiums, launch satellites, celebrate Dozhinki. And does not wish to create that 30 percent of the working population in Belarus goes to work in Russia, because we do not have regular work. "
I think, sire Cybulski, not only you, and behold the many people that. Correlate facts — and make appropriate conclusions that hardly coincide with the official propaganda slogans.
In general, there is in the midst of our listeners and those who completely different looks at everything adbyvaetsa now in Belarus.
"I am confident that my letter you will not read on the radio — we wrote Dr. Igor Pastnov from Vitebsk. -" Freedom "is — a body of the U.S. Congress. And he who pays the piper calls the tune.
I wish to say that you could hear your radio perfectly. I listen to the ancient perceived, without antenna: chutnasts — as if from an adjoining room. So no one can suppress, but nothing in particular jam.
I fully agree that in Belarus there is no freedom of speech. There. And perhaps even more than you. For example, I type in almost all publications, including newspaper of the Ministry of Health. Touch and critical questions — about contrived fight against corruption when doctors deliberately provoke a bribe, using mental techniques. Grab regular teachers, doctors … And this was printed, made by my, ordinary doctor appeals committee at the highest level. And now pardoned many infirm victims investigative tests that have been behind bars for a piece of sausage and a jar of cod … "
Next Igor Pastnov discusses opposition youth. Another quote from the letter:
"I — children’s doctor, research questions teen anger. Prague extreme, adrenaline, adventure often leads them to the area. Dishonest use these feelings crush destiny kids. Belarus quite legitimate methods to express their own views. Necessary to obtain information on both sides and not only from a group of people who, allegedly, "pursue", "clamped".
I do not want such freedom, as in Iraq. Yes, such as in Poland or other, so to speak, the "liberated" countries. That Poland received? Rampant corruption, poor quality meat. Poles stroll with outstretched hand. I think that the majority of ordinary people have such unwilling. So do not go to your meetings. Horror has nothing to do with it.
Most of the Belarusians in general does not think: what kind of human rights violations you says if we all — for the welfare of the common man. And it’s actually, not verbally. And if you believe that freedom — the freedom to shout it in squares, peel each other face in an intoxicated stupor, I, ordinary people do not want such freedom. "
So, says the Sovereign Pastnov: "All in the name of man, all human well-being …" Once, this ironic motto of Communist propaganda, Russian citizens smiled: "It remains to find the name of ethe man. "I am in touch with your brand accurately and categorical statements, recall letter teacher pensioners, disabled from the village of Ivan Tsimafeychyka Modeyka Zelva district. Letter sounded in the previous review post. Listener worked all my life in school, lived in the apartment" schoolyard "home . Currently the school is closed, and together with it — and the boiler room, which was heated from the "teacher" house. District Department of Education sent a directive: arranged, disabled, "Local heating own apartment …" Naturally, this is unprofitable — heat gas or charcoal expensive house, where they live and other unfortunate disabled same old helpless teacher. Austerity fuel — it’s all in the interests of the people. And for that particular person — teachers Tsimafeychyka?
Regarding the same freedom of speech in Belarus … Try, sire Pastnov, purchase own Vitebsk newsstand are independent newspaper — for example, "Narodnaya Volya" or "Our Niva". Have you ever asked yourself the question why they are impossible to find there, though the Belarusian Constitution, Tipo, guarantees freedom of the press?
Follow-up letter — from Russian St. Petersburg, from Margarita Perova kind of famous Belarusian Lutskevich. The end of July, Mrs. Perov came to Minsk and witnessed a dispersal opposition action July 27 Reddish church. Later she came to Kupala park where also initially planned to event days of independence. Yes, and it forbade. Listener carefully outlines all the actions that have already been clear to our listeners correspondents reporting from "Freedom". But what particularly struck Mrs. Perov:
"On the steps of the monument at the Kupala, like birds, were sitting close to each other, three thin girls. Both men in civilian clothes who followed them, got up from the bench, the girls raised their hands up — and above them waving white-red-white flag. They immediately ran a "Ambala" and dragged somewhere. povskakivali People with benches and shouted: "What right have you to touch women? Where are your papers? "
When leaving the park, what a beautiful lady said, "Well, that’s now three a day or I will have overestimated the pressure will hurt!" And how many days I’ll be cheering? And with what emotions go home in St. Petersburg? If I forget these girls birds, raised on a white-red-white wings?
I — guest, but heart, ideas, things always here, in Belarus. And I do not understand why we need a permit for a poetry reading at the monument to the poet or to listen to the stories of former members of the historical events of July 27? I do not understand! "
Such or similar scenes, Mrs. Margaret, and in Minsk and other Belarusian towns may follow and March 25 and April 26 — and in general, in at least some day, when the opposition is trying to somehow mark an important event for the community. Questions that arise from your letter, in Belarus has long been not ask — the answer to all their apparent.
But the future of Belarus just for these girls, but not for those who sent special forces and riot police Kupala park to trap them and select national flags. At some point, everything will fall into place: at the bronze Kupala people without permits authorities will read poems under state flags, and special services and riot police — to catch criminals and corrupt officials, not defenseless and nothing is blameless in civilian indifferent youth .
At the end — a short letter that lilac leave a comment. We wrote Nikolai Korbut in Minsk:
"During the military parade, the last of which took place in Minsk on July 3, next to the president at the podium are several generals with orders and medals. Awards so much which can be loaf, as if their owners have received a huge number of victories in the fierce wars. But none of these generals, as I know, did not participate in the second world war. After all, they were born and trained in the postwar time, and when any war and participated, it is only in Russian anger against Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan. "
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