Quote a day or 2 August

"I gave the command: take from the reserves and the funds to pay them, these 460 millions of dollars. This — not the sum for the country. Naturally, we bare the reserves, but now and Chavez, and our other good friends said: do not worry — how much you need for loans (and not a percentage of sales), we will give to you. In order that you have a full stability. "

Lukashenko about the intention to pay for Russian gas.

"As a broker that we were three of us: me, Olga and Anastasia Radkevych Krylovich. We did not each other surrender. We had no matches. We ate berries, drank water. Were sitting in one place, would save power. "

Julia Twardowski, one of 3 citizens of Belarus, who had previously lost his way in the forests of Karelia. Belarus now left hospital in Russian regional center Segezha and prepare to return to Minsk. Almost a week tourists find and rescue services of.

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