Regularly pay taxes whether Lukashenko and the highest bureaucrats?

In the past year, 10 thousand employees Tax Service collected more than 23 trillion rubles in taxes. This is 80% of the budget.
Management plans padatkoviki-fulfill, with the least difficulty with: forcibly twice less tax currently payable is only 0.6%.
On conspicuous increase fiscal discipline people read in the press center of the State Deputy Minister of taxes and fees Vasily Kamenka.
Lukashenko amount of taxes — personal Enigma
Reporters asked: is there a claim to head of state and other senior officials as to the taxpayers? Also asked how much tax paid Alexander Lukashenko. Vasily Kamenko number did not call, referring to privacy:
"When calculating the income tax accounting keeps with him 30% as well as with us. Indebtedness not, another would not have paid the wages."
Let me remind you, according to the most Alexander Lukashenko, his wages yearly increases. In 2000, the Belarusian leader reported that earns 265 dollars per month. In 2005 in an interview, "TVC-Center" Alexander Lukashenko said that already earns 1000-1100 bucks.
"We all pay regularly"
According to official figures, wages of senior officials in 2005 increased, but by how much — do not report.
The question of whether the same disciplined pay taxes other highest bureaucrats, Vasily Kamenko described as "empty." "We all pay regularly," — said the deputy minister.
More claims from tax services to business. Some bureaucrat called "the irresponsible taxpayers." By Vasil Kamenka, there is such a group who have earned the privilege.
More disciplined taxpayers unleash from checks?
The Deputy Minister said that preparing a presidential decree that for 5 years to release more disciplined taxpayers from the tax service checks. Who heads the list of "honors" the emperor said Kamenka not.
In Last year fifteen tax officials were dismissed for various violations, most of them on the wound criminal cases for negligence, the deputy minister said. In his view, to put some padatkovikav claim neabgrutnavana.
"I have a recollection that someone starts criminal proceedings, only to perform a puzzle", — said the bureaucrat.
Over 5 years of formal wages Lukashenko has increased 10 times, Charter ’97, 20.10.2006

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