Relations between the U.S. and Russia should not become hostage to the campaign

Vladimir Putin — the first foreign country favorite, George W. Bush invited his parents’ house. George HW Bush met Russian guest at the airport of the town of Portsmouth. From there they went by helicopter to Cape Walker’s Point, the estate of his father’s current president.
Far from the house accomplished demonstration, where about tyscha demonstrators protested against Russian policy in Chechnya and the United States in Iraq. They sought from Congress to declare George W. Bush’s impeachment for the war in Iraq.
The conversation was "directly and humorously"
In Kenebankportse Putin met with his South American officer, yesterday they rolled across the sea in a boat, and later dined. It is reported that there were dishes for dinner, for a classic Maine — lobster and marinated swordfish.
Major negotiations occurred in Mon But, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov,
"Open a discussion life justViva the situation in the United States, in Russia, as evolving democratic system 2-states. Both presidents are well aware that at least some developments should not cause to do Moscow and Washington have become hostage to the political situation, which is connected with the election campaign. "
According to Lavrov, These themes open a discussion "directly and with humor."
Before negotiations George Bush expressed his solidarity with the new Prime Minister of Britain, Gordon Brown, who in the first days of the same board had to fight the terrorist threat.
The main difference: air defense, Kosovo and Iran
Bush’s meeting with Putin took place against the backdrop of a sharp cooling of US-Russian relations, in fact, an invitation to Russian favorite in the house of his father a South American president tried to break the ice in the political relations between Washington and Moscow. But even the other day summit in Kenebankportse officials warned him that we should not expect breakthroughs.
You can find three major international stories, which approaches the United States and Russia have faced more aggressive: it is of the parts of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe, Kosovo and Iran.
Moscow believes that the defense system will act against it, Putin threatened to retarget Russian nuclear missiles in European countries. Coupled with the fact, at the last summit "Big vaysmerki" in Germany, he proposed to arrange the elements of an American anti-aircraft defense in Azerbaijan, on the basis of the Gabala radar station, which rents Our homeland.
As for Kosovo, the United States stands for giving independence to this region, which is legally part of Serbia. Moscow stands for the fact that the status of the edge was determined by negotiation between the Kosovars and Belgrade.
In the end, Vashynton believes that Tehran must do a lot of pressure to force him to abandon plans creation of nuclear weapons. Our homeland, although completed construction of a nuclear plant in Iran’s Bushehr, Iran plans to apply more complacent.
All these thorny issues, maybe open a discussion during a meeting in Kenebankportse. According to the Russian Minister Lavrov that were affected and domestic tasks, which also generates disputes between the parties, the United States has not once expressed concern clotting democracy in Russia.
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