Reopened the criminal case against activists of the Union of Poles

Criminal case was initiated in August 2005, when power was shared by the Alliance of Poles into two camps, declaring illegitimate democratically elected management led by Angelika Borys. Some participants SPB taken the side of the authorities, in including Victor Bogdan. Action criminal case a couple of times prolonged, four activiststhere was banned from traveling abroad, and later it stopped.
Currently criminal case resumed and four activists of the Union of Poles in Lately will cause the investigator regional police captain Dmitry Labotskaga.
• Advisor to the Prime Minister of Poland» EPA: "Minsk should give a signal", 22.02.2007 • The case against the activists of the Union of Poles again suspended, 17.04.2006 • fait confrontation and Boris Bogdan, 21.12.2005 • Angelica Boris again cause the investigator, 21.12.2005 • Who stole the camera of the Union of Poles?, 08.12.2005 • Chief Editor of the magazine "Magazyn Polski" was again the interrogation, 23.11.2005 • Activists Union of Poles of Grodno caused the investigator to Shchuchyn, 26.10.2007 • four activists of the Union of Poles named suspects in a criminal case, 25.08.2005 • UPB activists arrested 27.07.2005

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