Retchitsa: I never will not let you paint this broken roof

Empty central square in front of the District Executive Committee claimed her historic two-storey former girls’ school — one of the four walls of the city, built in the late XIX — early XX century. Near expands Lenin Street.
Instead of asphalt pavements central streets urgently teach tiles. Over the Dnieper frisky pace amfiteatar built on a thousand places, and on arrival at the city from the south through the metal roadster make road overpass.
In preparation for the close Dazhynak involved and the townspeople. In particular — the inhabitants of the central part of the personal houses of the town. All ordered to paint the house, fencing, roofs change old Schiffer.
By order local authorities, privates help paint and materials should provide urban enterprises.
Rechitsy dweller knows, called a lion Fedorovich:
"Zelenhoz put paint: paint, so it was fine to Dozhinki. Promise Schiffer give us more. Raza three or four came from Zelenhoz:" We have to bring Schiffer on the roof. "And did not bring. Neighbor already covered its slate roof. Necessary to do — that was all under one, that looked fine. But not driven. do not know in than there business. We have long covered to this roof. And so … bring a couple of days until Dazhynak — unless we will lay? Show-off! "
A neighbor of my interlocutor of houses on the street Russian, 5 Lyudmila laments:
"At our house is a very bad roof: all old, unrealistic touch. Skates bad. But Received command: to be painted! Police summoned. As if, here or capture putsch in Moscow did. Militia me aroused. This is so climbed painted sloping ceilings. Nam "Torgservis" promised that he would bring in Schiffer Mon Expect We are waiting for a fortnight. At home number 7 Schiffer brought, although they have a decent roof. And we strewed roof. said, we will paint. And I’m in response: "I never will not let you paint this broken roof." roof I have not yet flowing, rain pours into the house. They climb this old Schiffer, will paint. And what later? flow roof, ceiling fall. To me later address? Dozhinki executed, and my house — float. "
Townspeople say the same roof restoration on private homes in almost everything is dependent on the commissions made by the district authorities to determine the amount of work. They say, well anyone who is familiar with the commission members: is the owner without problems get free building material for repair. Others — not to avoid any shocks.
According to official data, in conducting Dazhynak Rechitza already allocated 182 billion rubles. With these funds, as calculated experts at could built for the inhabitants of the district center about three thousand two-bedroom apartments.
In the photo: the house on the street Russian, 5
In the photo: Church in the center Rechitsy forests
Pictured: Lenin street widens
Pictured: Amfiteatar over Dnipro
Pictured: On the sidewalks instead of asphalt will tile

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