Rock concerts on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

Days of high-rise near the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising rebels welcomed the Polish President Lech Kaczynski.
"Freedom of Poland is the supreme value. Value for her to fight and want to store this tradytsyii favorite"
In Russian time, of insurrection tried not remember because many of its members, but also historians, vinyl Russian Command, which ordered the army on the brakes and the reverse side of the Vistula wait until the Nazis did not destroy the rebels.
Rebellion survived a day or 63.
At the moment, everything is different — only on the squares of Warsaw, and other Polish cities, festivals — as rebels welcome famous heroes.
Member of the uprising: "We expected an uprising already want to beat faster, though they were only children. Because rejoiced when already could build barricades. "
Rebels and rejoice at the moment, and especially with that of their struggle remembers youth. Youth wants to keep in mind about the uprising and sing songs of rebels, but in its own way.
Two year reversed, recognizable Polish LAO CHE group recorded an album with songs Warsaw insurgents in modern arrangements, which gained huge popularity.
This year in Warsaw, the largest rock concert with the role recognizable Polish rock bands, and several outstanding musicians — Stanislaw Sojka, Zbigniew Goldys Krzysztof Tsugovski, Darek Malyaenek — again recorded the songs and sang them rebels in the capital.
According to some of Warsaw, first Seniors, crashing guitars and drums rock bands not quite at Mecca in prazdnichek youth, but thinks differently.
"We wish to tell about this rebellion, the quest for freedom. Is important thing — freedom. Then people also argued and had different political views, but when it was necessary, all went together into battle. After standing for freedom even die" — says Darek Malyaenek.
At the concert, along with his grandfather a child 12 to 13 years.
"I wish to celebrate together with my grandfather!"
In This year impezy, commemorating the anniversary of the uprising, and students attend the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum, are presently trained in Warsaw.
"At the moment, the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, the lyceum intensive stroll to the activities associated with it," — says the director of the Lyceum Vladimir Kolos, whereby, for high school students is a good history lesson.
In the photo: survivors of the uprising
In the photo: rock music Darek Malyaenek
In the photo: the audience at the gala rock concert

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