Royal club against BATE Borisov in the Champions League

Sports spetsy not smuschyayutsya call phenomenal event output in elite football teams from obscure small budget and BATE portend good future. Justify such hopes team 31-year-old Viktor Goncharenko — The youngest coach in the history of the Champions League?
In the qualifying stage of the Champions League BATE did not lose the 1st game, beating the sum of meetings islyandki "Valur" Belgian "Anderlecht" and Bulgarian "Levski". According to the results of the draw in the group "H" will resist Belarusians Madrid "Real" Turin "Juventus" and St. Petersburg "Zenith". Each extracted point in these games bring cash dividends: victory is estimated at 600 thousand euros, draw — 300 thousand. Guaranteed 5 million euros team will receive for getting into the Champions League group stage, severe stimulation and provides for access to the next stage of the competition.

But in order to make the Champions League, are required not advance arguments about the paradox of the team from the provinces, and only real result. Previous head coach BATE Yuri Puntus does not expect any former pupils of heroism, but I am convinced that opponents will show some humanity to the debutant of the most prestigious European competition. He believes that, given the level of groups and teams expect surprises from BATE quite problematic. And the fact of getting into the group stage to consider leap above his head:
"I told them I can only wish surprises, but I think that, given the level of competition to expect them to waste. And yet, what you put into the subtext of surprises — and a worthy fight defeat or a draw and a win? If the second, then I believe that this will be difficult to achieve. Anyway, this is history, this is a great experience. Incidentally, I do not expect that someone would intentionally breed BATE on the blades. These commands such level, roughly speaking, that is not completely "finish off". Will win and will enjoy your own game less. As they say, the end of the mock up is unlikely to be, do not think that they are faced with such a goal. such should not be and will not be. "
Currently in Madrid is a sports journalist Sergei Olehnovich, that the other day evening meeting I attended the training BATE. What kind of mood settles Belarusians famous, 5-star stadium "Santiago Bernabeu"?
"The mood of the team, in my opinion, decent enough. Footballers spent on this fantastic stadium training, which

The main task — is to show a good game, gain experience in the group stage of the Champions League.

reporters, according to the regulations of the group steps have allowed to spend just half an hour. Managed a little chat with the main coach Viktor Goncharenko, by some players. Everyone understands that the "Real" — a very powerful team in which that no name — that "star". But the mood is not bad. The main task — is to show a good game, gain experience in the group stage of the Champions League. Well, if it works, then why not try out, as they say, "hook" of the 1st of the global giants. Maybe now it is just a Madrid "Real".
Reporter: "Do fans Borisov team in Madrid?"
"Yes, there is. They also flew with the team one plane, somewhere around 40 fans. Plus drove people who remained after the team’s match against Andorra on holiday in Spain. And also another game fans will come from Barcelona. Unfortunately, not will now be suspended from playing two main forwards — Gennadi Bliznyuk and Vitali Rodionov. And also will not play Ermakovich Alexander, he has an injury. But in any case, the players are set to have a great now play against the most titled club of the world. "
Chairman of the Board BATE Anatoly Kapsky does not think that his team grants will dispense euro football only as a "donor points." Previous meeting indicate that in cup matches actually matter which team is capable of surprises. Unnecessary proof — yesterday sensation: Cyprus "Anorthosis" earned point in the match with the German "Bremen", even less is known Romanian "Cluj" won on the road Italian "Roma" and Ukrainian "Shakhtar" beat Swiss "Basel". Belarusian BATE initially attributed to outsiders of the group stage, but, as experience shows, throw their hats debutants unsafe. Anatoly Kapsky clarifies that BATE became a source of manpower for many European teams:
"I do not shameful for our club and for our children. Since half of the Belarusian team today — it’s our students BATE. This is just in case of ill-wishers replicated BATE status as a" factory team ". Add that now our players play in different European championships, played in the championship Russian Premier League. Alexander Hleb played a couple of years in the Bundesliga championship. Played a significant role in the British "Arsenal", participated in the semifinals of the Champions League two years back, now plays for "Barcelona". Vitali Kutuzov once passed in "Milan", played in Lisbon "Sporting", also in the Italian "Parma" and "Sampdoria".
By far the world’s elite is not only one team BATE and all Belarusian football. After leaving Borisov in the group stage of the Champions League debutant analysts began to associate with the giants of football and came to a disastrous conclusion. First, does not hold the enthusiasm of professionals and fans to the domestic championship, that does not contribute to increase the overall level of football teams and gain strong staff.
In-2, in Belarus there is virtually no arena to hold matches in accordance with the requirements of UEFA — Minsk "Dynamo" stadium prepares for the subsequent match BATE with "Juventus" in an emergency procedure and under the floor of the Belarusian government in good faith.
B-3, that just shocked professionals — it is a financial loss of club football in Belarus. It turns out, BATE — absolute outsider 32 finalists in the midst of the group stage of the Champions League: Team players transferny price is estimated at only 5 million euros. For example, the total price of the players, "Real" 70 times and exceed 350 million euros.
Meanwhile, as practice shows, even supernumerary outsiders and then breaking open standards adopted and win on pure entuziyazme. Tags: BATE, sports, football

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