Rural lives by the principle Stole — propyl

In recent weeks, in our programs often was the theme of trade unions. Discrimination-independent trade union movement in Belarus has become a prerequisite that the June 21, Belarusian exporters deprived preferences in trade with the countries of the Euro Union.
About that are pro-government, state-run trade unions, argues in his own letter to the "Freedom" Juraj Shpak-Ryzhkov from Minsk:
"With our unions I have encountered in my own life only twice. In 1986, when he worked at Mogilev Automobile Plant, there was the unfortunate case — I severed finger. Managing Enterprise corrected me on vacation, but the factory union refused to assist.
And in 2006, when he worked in Minsk store "Hope" suddenly learned that me without my consent to take in some municipal union. The head of this union — part Admin Shop: What kind of workers’ rights here. Tried to find out from her, as though it is this union, but failed: she just did not know that.
In general, municipal union — real feeder and a cover for their own unconscious. Back in 2002, I, as a representative of the Free Trade Union of Mogilev had visited in Strasbourg — together with a delegation of municipal unions. I remember how irritated they treated us. There was even heard hissing in my adresok: "Not much we have choked."

He also said that he listens to Belarusian Freedom more than 30 years, and not so long ago began to read our materials on the Web.
Unions, which obediently doing the will of the administration of the company and do not dare to object to it, left over from the Russian system. There they were, if you remember, "school of communism." These could ask for a ticket to the camp for a baby or a small monetary help.
Imagine that the Russian trade union organized a strike demanding higher wages, it was unreal. Just looked indescribably would strike or protest against the contract system, which would have made a trade union under the control of the sovereign Kozik.
Maybe someone needs and that of the union. But let it existed in the criteria for fair competition with the trade unions, which do not depend on the government and employers, which protect workers from injustice and persecution by all legitimate means probable — in including strikes and demonstrations.
But such coexistence and competition authorities in Belarus does not allow.
Our student of Nikolai Kukso Ivyanets Volozhin district associates present municipal system, which was formed in Belarus, with the slave system in ancient Rome:
"The collective farm peasantry, deprived of their land, does not consider himself the owner of the farm. Kolhoznik live by the principle" Stole — propyl "," Stole — have used. " Especially since, that "cup and Škvarka" — this official state policy goals. It is no coincidence, because spoenym people are easier to manage: he dreams only about the bottle.
Enslaved helpful and urban people — through the contract system. If someone does not behave because they need power, the risk of losing a job, since it will not extend the contract.
To divert attention from the pressing enslaved people problems in the country in large quantities built ice rinks, where the role of the gladiator players should do.
On board there is an insatiable businessmen as sanitary, fire and tax inspections. And entrepreneurs under this press silent as fish.
Since power is achieved quiet and order — so called "stability." Of course, history repeats itself, but we must keep in mind that Rome — died. Collapsed and "invulnerable" Russian Alliance … "

Free man owning property and work for themselves, inevitably win the competition with a farm laborer working under duress and are not interested in the results of their labor. With this began the decline and decay of all oppressive regimes who understands the world’s population.
Old Rome, naturally — very davneshny example. But the memory of all the experience of so-called socialist democracy and planned economy — which tries to emulate the standards of today’s political control. As if it was not the collapse of the socialist system nyazhytstsyazdolnay at the turn of 80-90-ies of the last century.
Our listener Klyanovski Victor lives in a settlement Druja Braslavskogo district, on the border with Latvia. Local inhabitants are often associated his life with life in the European Union neighbors. In a letter to the "Freedom" Victor Klyanovski writes:
"Not so long ago beheld his own acquaintance who lives in Latvia, Daugavpils — it came on prazdnichek to mom. Told that there are very many people went to work — who majestically in Britain who in Ireland. So says that the usual good mason on a construction site earns $ 100 per day. So here, my dear Belarusians. ‘ll Know for whom to vote subsequent time.
We have the same on this side of the Dvina other life and other earnings. Generally, the place is very beautiful. Once it is here that ran the old trade route "from the Varangians to the Greeks." As a child on the riverbank we often find ancient coins.
To lure tourists from Northern Europe. And then our village would have appeared some prospect. But so far in this country often did not encourage initiative and punished. "

Indeed, sire Klyanovski in adjacent with Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the flow of foreign tourists in the last six years, the 10-ka rose repeatedly. As a result, many new jobs has improved tourism infrastructure, the budget will receive additional profit.
In Belarus, a large platform in the last fifteen years and there are calls and constantly develop guidelines inbound tourism. But Western tourists Belarusian terrain in most cases sidestep. Why?
Country cordoned off from the European visa regime, and the service it — almost Russian levels (especially in the provinces). With all this the price of this service unobtrusive Belarusian occasionally exceed the price disproportionately high quality services in adjacent Latvia and Lithuania.
But the main reason is that this area is not necessary appeals and bureaucratic directives and personal initiative. Even if she did not help the bureaucrats. The main thing is not to interfere with its prohibitions and restrictions.
Our listener Ivan Snapkou from Gomel in his own letter talks about the new economic conditions, in what turned out to Belarus since the beginning of 2007:
"Something I do not notice those Chertovskih consequences, about which so much had read after the New Year, when our country has raised the price of gas and oil. Thus, prices in stores gradually grow, but they grew before. A dollar rate — in one place . And ice rinks as we built and continue to build.
Certainly, our opposition, as usual, all summarized, issued wish for reality.
Lukashenko — intelligent and farsighted politician, he calculated the probable consequences in advance and prepared for market.
We, for example, has long been paying for gasoline more than the Ukrainians — even though they have already acquired that year oil at market prices and is not going to create the country’s union with Russia. And in general, we have prices of almost all higher than in Ukraine. Although, it is true, and wages and pensions also higher. In general prices, we focus on the European Union. "

Belarus, sire Snapkou until do not pay for Russian gas at the new prices: first, the government arranged with Moscow, which in the first half of the procedure of payments will remain unchanged, and the debt meanwhile will grow.
So Makar, the real impact of the latest economic situation in Belarus is still ahead. Especially since the mechanism of the state of the economy has a certain inertia configuration and it did not occur simultaneously.
In general, many Belarusian citizens, unlike you, sire Snapkou manifestations of recent economic situation perfectly felt in his pocket. This also applies t
o wages and pensions, and benefits …
At the end of kutsee letter that leave without comment.
We wrote Yuri Novitsky from Minsk:
"What a beautiful our prazdnichek Midsummer. This old, normal, Belarus. Seems there was no Christianity, as it was already. There is at the moment thanks to intercessors Belarushchyny as" Nasha Niva "and Belarusian Freedom. I’m happy to be your contemporaries . "
Thank you, sire Novitsky, for you and everyone who found time for writing on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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