Russia surprised the world with the latest fighter

Russia surprised the world with the latest fighter
Russian producers are adequately addressed the international aerospace exhibition ILA-2012
International aerospace exhibition ILA-2012 graduated from his work this Sunday. She was held for the first time at this time on the ground in Berlin International Airport Berlin Brandenburg International Exhibition Center in Berlin ExpoCenter Airport. Organizer made by the Federal Alliance of Germany and aerospace exhibition organization «Messe Berlin». At ILA-2012 showed its products more than 1,200 companies from 36 countries, including Russia. At the salon was also presented about 270 aircraft.

Usually German air show held in May in even-numbered years. But in 2011, at a session of the Presidium of the Association of the German aerospace industry (BDLI) it was decided to postpone the holding salon ILA-2012 in September. This decision was due to the fact that in June in Paris on even years held salon arms «Eurosatory 2012», and in July in London aerospace show Farnborough. Because spice had to choose where to go first. But as the exhibition ILA always inferior to a number of circumstances (and importance, and rating) and Farnborough and Le Bourget, and Dubai, and the flight program there even Max, the answer to this question becomes completely understandable.

Special sensations ILA-2012 did not bring. Despite the fact that the very German Chancellor Angela Merkel took part in the opening of the salon and cut the ribbon, huge excitement it caused neither journalists nor the professionals. More than any of Governors of the states participating in the exhibition, was not observed. And even President Vladimir Putin, do not miss the ability to accept personal role in such kind of activities is also not arrived in Berlin, although so far it is not clear whether his general invited to this salon.

That still can be exciting to see the ILA-2012? Certainly, this first flight promising military transport aircraft (MTC) A400M. Specifically on this cabin he first took to the sky after one of its engines TP400-D6 production Europrop International found shavings in the oil. It came out during the flight test shortly before the air show «Farnborough 2012». And Russian wits immediately stated that the difficulties with the build quality of aircraft engines in the united Europe — Producer A400M are the same as in Russia, and Western dvigatelisty nothing to brag superreliable own engines: Anything can happen, even more so in test flights. With all this programm similar Russian-Ukrainian A400M military transport aircraft An-70 as before in question, although he took off before Europeans almost 10 years.

Attention and viewers and cabin guests lured the first time shown at a special parking PLAZA, which housed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the main zabugornye; Barracuda, Predator and Euro Hawk, Aladin), KZO and Luna. Russian drones were, as usual, presented mock-ups and banners. In a special area of ​​the airfield roger Airfield aviation aircraft were presented for general use, namely, for the first time demonstrated the German elektrosamolet with solar panels on the wing and tail Elektra One Solar. This plane is made even circling for 6 minutes. But experts say that such aircraft can fly for days, if only the sun was shining.

What still amazed Our homeland? Inside hast taken the role of 57 Russian organizations, including JSC «RAC» MiG » and «OPK» Oboronprom «. And they both presented decent products. First showed light fighter MiG-35. True, he did not fly at the show and was presented layout, but of self-worth for all this is not lost. It differs from its predecessor the MiG-29 qualitatively new features. This aircraft generation «4 + +» designed for demanding customers, both in Russia and abroad, who are in need of new aircraft technology level. They must excel and exceed in combat and operational quality fighters fourth generation and successfully confront in aerial combat aircraft fifth generation.

The MiG-35 is — functional plane, which remained on the mass-dimensional characteristics in the middle class, efficiency and versatility approaching a languid best fighters. As the main ways to increase the combat effectiveness of the MiG-35 was chosen improving avionics. It was of an evolutionary nature: from model to model fraction of systems and devices fifth generation increases. Improving the aerodynamics of the MiG-29, allowed the design of the MiG-35 is about 50% increment in store domestic fuel and tripled — combat load. The fighter wing improved load bearing characteristics and increased the strength of the structure.

His RD-33MK engines are inflated by 10% thrust, increased reliability and longer life, a smokeless combustion chamber. Now no one will call the plane «smoking bandit» was characterized as some Western spitpoisons MiG-29 for the smoke trail that appears on certain aircraft in flight regimes. Yes, the MiG-35 has not won the Indian tender, and the last words he had uttered.

Surprisingly, amused his expositions of cosmic and Russian enterprises. On the boards of organizations united exposition space-rocket industry were presented layouts rocket «Alliance» of cosmic vehicles «Glonass-K», «Luch-5A», «Bion-M» of cosmic «Soyuz- TM «and» Progress-M «devices to demonstrate the three-dimensional picture of the cosmos, models launch platform sea-based» Sea Launch » and a launch pad for RN «Alliance». However, almost all of them have been developed in the USSR, and the last tragedy rockets very much undermined the reputation of cosmic Russian industry.

As usual, amused Russian vertoletostroiteli. The exhibition third helicopter manufacturer in the world holding «Helicopters of Russia», included in «Oboronprom» presented burning range helicopters. One of the more relevant models — Ka-32A11VS — used in the EU to extinguish a seasonal summer fires. In addition, the exposure of the holding have been shown promising multipurpose helicopters Mi-38 and Ka-62, as the new middle Mi-171A2 — multi-purpose helicopter, developed based on a series MI-8/17.

The seriousness of the purposes of the holding and the statement says CEO «Helicopters of Russia» Dmitry Petrov, in which he argues that «the holding plans to increment by 25% — 30% of the volume of its own activities this year and supply customers with more than 300 helicopters» (In 2011 this figure was 262 helicopter). Also of great importance to exit holding the international capital markets was the preparation for the placement of Eurobonds in the amount not less than $ 300 million by the end of 2012 — beginning of 2013.

At the end of the hunt to bring some noteworthy facts about the history of this salon. Ticket prices for business guests per day was € 55 passes for a day or three — € 135. For ordinary single ticket price offers do not exceed € 22. For the disabled, students, students tickets were distributed Funny cost — € 14 (when you consider that the average salary in Germany is € 2 thousand stipend of € 600 — 700, the disability allowance € 800 — 1200). The system passes all the guests worked awesome, as usual, no queues, no boors-riot police or the police. Overall, the cabin visited by a little more than 200 thousand visitors and professionals.

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