Russian fascism in Belarus

RNE acts more intensively in eastern Belarus. In Last year Vitebsk puppet theater received a letter signed by RNE — demanding repertoire to translate Russian language. Listavanyya danger from RNE prepared and journalists of the newspaper "Vitebsk by PayPal."
Inscription "RNE" often occur in Kurapaty — they were accompanied by acts of damage vshanavalnaga memorial sign and benches Clinton. Swastika marked "RNE" can often see and Jewish cemeteries, monuments to the victims of the Holocaust.
Only one known case where the activist was hit by RNE Tribunal: Gomel 6 months in prison got someone Yakovchuk, punished for his role in an unregistered organization.
Observers note after death in 2000 the then favorite Belarusian branch RNE Samoilov, business decline. According to independent sources, at the moment in all RNE several 10-s activists.
In 2007 Belarus declared their own existence activists Russian National Bolshevik Party. Most sonorous managed vilification campaign office in Minsk Estonia. According to participants this organization, it has up to 100 people.

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