Russian Government for the previously approved the issuance of credit to Belarus

According to Kudrin, the final decision will be made by the government in the form of amendments to the budget. At the moment the consideration of the criterion of the loan, including the loan amount. The Minister did not specify in what time frame can be taken decision.
Of days in an interview on "Freedom" economist Alexander Chubrik said about the importance of Russian loan Belarus:
"If these funds to invest in energy, then of course, that the economic impact will be more than some few percent, which must be to pay on the loan. This is the first and smallest argument in support of the fact that these funds are needed Belarus. Imagine for yourself: Belarus gets a half billion dollars. This is enough to pay all the extra energy disadvantage compared with previous year. We This year one and a half billion dollars will have to pay more for gas, for oil, speak out so that this additional problem for our economy. That these funds will be enough to simply pay for these accounts for gas and oil. "

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