Russian spy scandal has trail?

News about Polish spies who seized in Belarus, July 16 hit the main message of all Russian state TV channels, was also in Europe vserasprostranena news channel "Euronews", one of the main sponsors of money which is our homeland.
Or seen in the history of Polish spies Russian footprint?
"Of course, there is. This is due to the fact Our homeland that came out of the contract on ordinary weapons — said last military counterintelligence officer of Belarus Sergei Anisko. — It is necessary to show Worldwide, that against the Russian Federation and Belarus, which have a common air defense system, being a powerful intelligence. And Belarusians with the Russians need to urgently strengthen their security, "- said Sergey Anisko.
Last KGB Valery Kostka hesitates that the Belarusian KGB exposed real spies. As for the time, who was elected for the transmission of this announcement, Valery Kostka calls him "very comfortable for the Russian Federation."
By observing impartially such scandal impede the normalization of relations with Europe:
"This limits the ability of Lukashenka to establish contacts with Europe. After that scandal was a situation that will become quite figure Lukashenko non grata in Europe. And for Russia it is useful. Say, you see, we have to them with an open mind, but against us are out what kind of work. "
Military analyst Alexander Alesin believes that the spy scandal acquired political coloring accidental. According to Alexander Alesina, Belarus profitable conservation contract on the limitation of the common weapons in Europe, but the Russian Federation currently profitable to change this position.
"If Lukashenko says that Moscow did not have in the West, apart from us, he was right. Belarus currently has about 1,800 tanks, 2,600 armored personnel carriers, 1,650 guns of more than 100 mm. If it is to be counted a thousand soldiers, will be the highest figure in Europe. makarom So we thereunder good potential, and we can use it. "
According to Alexander Alesina, Belarus’ position as the sole RF shield on westbound helps her get away from Russia certain preferences in economics and politics.
Accordingly RF output of this contract will result in a decrease in the role of Belarus in the security system of the Russian Federation. Commentator believes that certain forces in Russia want to draw more of Belarus into the orbit of this country.
Meanwhile Secretary of State in the office of the Union of Russia and Belarus said that the Belarusian intelligence operation was possible thanks to the Russian FSB. "Our intelligence services working in contact. If also worked and economists, the Federal Government would have been built long ago," — said Assistant Secretary of State on July 17 Makushok Russian journalists.
The Belarusian KGB spy some nuances comment threads without hunting. Managing public relations center KGB Valery Nadtochaev explained to why said about the case at the moment, although spies arrested in January. "Since the investigation has been completed," — said the KGB.
The question of why not detain those who needed Spy information Valery Nadtochaev replied: "No comment."
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, 13.07.2007

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