Russian tactical weapon against the West — illegal immigrants?

Now Alexander Lukashenko stated bluntly illegal migration to European countries — is a tragedy. And Belarus, they say, is in the midst of this struggle, which eventually should assess the countries of Western Europe.
Almost head of the country confirmed its earlier expression of what Europe is not fully understands what makes the workload of Belarus in curbing the flow of illegal immigrants.
Not so long ago appointed as the Chairman of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops Igor Raczkowski predicts an even greater increase in the number of illegal migrants across the Belarusian border after coming in from January 1 2008 Baltic States to the Schengen area.
In turn, the CEO of the International organization of movement Brunson McKinley agreed that the need to cooperate in the field to ensure the prosecution of traffickers. As noted by European officials, just geographical position and served as a prerequisite to the idea of opening a training center in Belarus.
In response, Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus style which try to humiliate increased substantially due to the sovereign McKinley.
Meanwhile, illegal migrants themselves often do not behold the other way, except how to save other countries from political or religious persecution, wars civilians, economic insolvency.
Turkmen journalist Enchantment Anamuradav Niyazov regime was sentenced to 18 years in prison for political disloyalty. After the third period was pardoned. Whereupon two years on the "Rights of the bird" lived in Minsk:
"I was convicted on seven articles of the criminal law. Later, in March 1999, miraculously still was pardoned, but immediately began a new prosecution, and I immediately left Turkmenistan. Fact no guarantees and no one gave anything to did not help, just could destroy. before I This time I do not understand how miraculously alive. After all, for the regime to kill a journalist — a simple affair. And indeed destroyed such journalists. "
Migrants delivers Afghanistan and Southeast Asia
Clear statistics on how many illegal immigrants are in Belarus or intersects it in transit, do not exist. As they say in the management of Citizenship and MIA movement, open borders with Russia make such calculations impractical. But, as reported by the Municipal Border Committee once a year on the border guards detain violators of about a thousand, mostly from the states of Southeast Asia and Afghanistan.
According to official statistics, in the past year on the terrain of the country revealed only half thousand foreigners, who, according to the Interior Ministry, have been organized into groups and prepared for perakidannya the West. Over 1,700 people ordered the deportation of 600 they were taken under escort or forcibly — first in Russia.
According to published data, 29-year-old Sophie lives in Kyrgyzstan, on the border with Uzbekistan Andijan, where two years back the bloody crackdown occurred opponents Karimov. She ethnic uzbechka. After the catastrophic events she, like hundreds of frightened citizens ruthlessness authorities, seeking to live in a more measured countries. In Minsk, usually based on Komarovskoe market a couple of times it detained, deported once.
But vorachivatsya home Sophie does not hurry up:
"What happened with us, you are sure to remember. Acted If the opposition in Kyrgyzstan, where the authorities panicked and eventually overthrew Akayev. Remembering the experience of Uzbekistan, many feared and then started razyazhzhatstsa. Minsk we are more arrivals — come, leaving . Naturally it is very hard, train almost seven thousand miles each way to travel need. "
In municipal departments they say that the budget of Belarus carries considerable costs through content and deportation of illegal immigrants: once a year about half a million dollars and more.
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