Rusya: Creativity allows me to feel the taste of life

Znatkevich "Rusya album" Those Days "was released a couple of years back, from the time you came Sinhala only" Zaenka. "When can we expect a new album?"
Rusya: "At the moment we are working on a new album. Us from time to time, too shameful for the fact that we are so gimp, but, unfortunately, do it slightly faster comes out. Because all it asks a lot of time. » Now I’m leaving from the UK for a month and when I return to Minsk, we will immediately start recording the album. I hope that we will succeed now. "
Znatkevich: "If it is not a mystery, traveling to the UK on musical matters?"
Rusya: "No, I worked as a volunteer for a charitable program notes. Work with orphans Soligorsk and be there with them for a month. We carry them in the UK, show them where the various pieces are fascinating, How can you live like people can relate to each other what are human affairs, and someone that understands and builds his life a little differently. "
"No Belarusian-groups." And in general, there is no place to work now "
Znatkevich: "Many well-known Belarusian group can not actually give concerts in Minsk — you have this problem?"
Rusya: "We have such a problem — at one point we were invited to participate in the so-called corporate party at the" reactor ", but after the club" Reactor "vyznat that the organizers of the party want to invite a group of" Indigo "They immediately uttered:" No, no, not even your korporativki there will not be any of Belarusian groups. "And in general, now have nowhere to run, the only remaining club" Graffiti "and the club" Arena ".
I occasionally strongly think a lot about what kind of motivation have young, novice groups that have just started to sing in whiteRussian language, and it seems to me that the only thing they have — once a year festival "Basowiszcza." I believe that it is quite small, and terribly for what in the end will be very little of Belarusian groups. "
Znatkevich: "A problem in the" reactor "was that you Belarusian-language group, or some had difficulties that you are there any lists of dark?"
Rusya: "Not about dark lists nobody read, it is enough that a rock band, and that this group of Belarusian-language. We have not come to work at this club, but very sorry, because I love this club, it’s one of my most beloved sites in Minsk. "
"We have no such prejudices such as" star "and" listener "
Znatkevich: "Two years back the clock you got to the" Rock Coronation "prize, like a rock princess — you do not joke, something has changed in your life?"
Rusya: "Of course, changed, but it meant more to me than changed because about 16-17 years, I have always wanted to establish a rock band, become like Kasia Kamotskaya as Veronica Kruglov — rock princess. I always took the newspaper in kiosks and ecstasy read about how there is "Rock Coronation" I always wanted to come to Minsk and do something similar. For me it was a very principled merit, it is always pleasant to the heart, the soul of that dreams are made all the same, so we can live. "
Znatkevich: "And now you find out on the streets?"
Rusya: "Yes, but it so happened that the people who walk on the group’s concerts" Indigo "at some point become our friends, and almost never is," Oh, I beheld the living Rusyu, can I have your autograph? "No, we have a very mature, very wise public is educated people, and there is no such prejudice" star "and" listener, a fan of Stars "- we communicate and connect directly, as ordinary people."
The survey on the streets of Minsk — what associations you appear with the word "Princess"?

Znatkevich: "And what associations you is the word" princess "?"
Rusya: "For me, the princess — it is very confident within himself lady, proud lady. Therefore ideal pride and conviction was for me and is now Kasia Kamotskaya. This is a man whose destiny is pushing back and forth, but it is strong and never gives up. This very cool. I believe that modern ladies lose this trait of character. "
Znatkevich "You herself feel proud and confident?"
Rusya: "Honor thing canceled. Very often the ladies feel like product in the marriage market. Because of pride in them is not very much. I consider myself proud, since I can not tolerate rudeness and always struggling with this all my life, and in 2 -x — I’m sure within yourself. If I did not have conviction, no ambition, I would not able to engage in creative work. "
Znatkevich: "How can there be in Belarus to make music?"
Rusya: "It is not possible to make any money, but it allows you to feel the taste of life. Because if not counting work and family» — no relationship with the people, if there is nowhere else to do with himself, the creativity — and it there is one way out. It seems to me that all the people who are engaged in any other kind of art — they are very happy. currency And the question I do not care, I’m ready to invest their own money in creativity, there would be something only succeed, if only people walking on the concerts. would be desirable to have one, two, three, does not matter how many people were looking for in my creative answers to their most important questions. "
"There comes such a time when you have to choose: either you on this, or on the other side"
Znatkevich "Either traced somehow policy texts of the" Indigo "and generally in your creativity?"
Rusya: "I can not say that we are a group fundamentally apolitical, but now Belarusian musicians were in a position where it is impossiblecan be out of politics. Comes such a time when you have to choose: either you on this, or on the other side. We do not have open calls in the texts, but the policy can be traced at the level of metaphor, no signs, descriptions … For example, when we sing "all dreams realized destined", people are folded fingers bukovkoy V, start chanting "Long Live Belarus", etc. We have no such purpose, singing political lyrics, but the policy itself so brazenly gets into our creativity, that to abandon it altogether — it is unreal. "
Znatkevich: "You manage your own blog on the Web — it is a fundamental part of your life?"
Rusya: "It’s not so critical, as necessary part of life. I believe in such psyhaterapevtychny effect blogs. If something happens and unable to express it, then it becomes more text and you do not care. And in-2, living magazine blogs — it is very Cancel thing for virtual exhibitionism and advertising. This helps me find contacts for the group "Indigo", to organize concerts, to find those people, which are also involved in musical creativity and associates. "
Znatkevich: "Well, all advertising is clear, and" virtual exhibitionism "- it’s for pleasure?"
Rusya: "For the sake of satisfaction itself. Always social identity — is such a symbol or a sign that people are drawn to, and Learn helps create such an image, which is useful in particular group."

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