S.Kalinkina: Lukashenko was necessary to calm his bureaucracy

On this question responsible chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina.
Kalinkina: "I think that the reshuffle in the government still preparing, but they likely, will fall. At this point, in the summer, people have their gardens, cottages, crops, utility bills for the apartment is not so huge. So it is not the time, and there is no need to demonstrate the ruthlessness of the electorate.
On the contrary, Lukashenko was the need to reassure its officials. Many they say that the government’s job was simply paralyzed soon — wait permutation configurations arrests that go endless wave. Because now Lukashenko was such a quiet, humble, unlike on itself, especially if you remember his last appearance in the KGB.
Because all current event can explain exactly that. Because at the moment really is necessary that the government and the vertical work, and did not run together in office, discussing who and what else was arrested, who is removed, a relative who is who and why exactly he was appointed. "

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