September 17 offer to make municipal prazdnichkom

According to one of the founders of the initiative — Deputy Chairman of the Military Historical Society Igor Pohlopko — "Liberation march of the Red Army entered history as a brilliant peacekeeping operation, it is fenced off from the West Belarus capture Hitler’s troops and brought Belarusians exemption from state oppression by Polish gentry."
Initiative vigorously supported the pro-government Communist Party of Belarus. According to the activist of the party, a member of the House of Representatives Igor Kotljarova, September 17, 1939 — a "big date":
"Today did much for many of the Belarusian people, the Belarusian country. In this day when vzyadnali Western Belarus and the Byelorussian SSR, significantly changed the fate of many people. It really prazdnichek for many. What is significant, so it was a municipal prazdnichek? Naturally, November 7 — is more fundamental prazdnichek. "

After September 17, 1939 Family Stanislav Shushkevich was able to find a lot of relatives in Western Belarus. Shushkevich believes that this day really contributed to the fact that Belarus was formed in the present borders. But all was not exactly that many Western people, including prominent figures were repressed, in the western lands of Belarus began collectivization and other sinners of Russian power. Says Stanislav Shushkevich:
"You do not need to do it prazdnichkom is not prazdnichek. This solution specific technical question, and not very big money. Since it was practically perform Covenant Ribbentrop-Molotov and delight in this hard. "
According Shushkevich some Belarusians, based on their own family events or fundamentally judgments may consider prazdnichkom September 17. But connect and eastern and western Belarusians should another date:
"So I think that maybe for the person whom I respected and had a cordial discussion on this topic, for Maxim Tank, maybe it would be and prazdnichka. But if you take what prazdnichkom prevail, then you need to do on March 25 municipal prazdnichkom. I think all it prazdnichka for all Belarusians. "
Minsk historian Lord Alexei convinced that the outcome of events in 1939 is historically justified, because united two parts of Belarus, was eliminated historical injustice Riga contract in 1921.

But we should not forget that he was the result of collusion hike Stalin and Hitler regimes that did not take into account the interests of the Belarusian people. And keep in mind that Western Belarus not so much attached to the Byelorussian SSR, as the Soviet Union, says the Sovereign Lord.
"It was anger, and considers it a day or unity of the Belarusian people did not go. This is not historically justified, and may have implications politically accession of Belarus to the Russian Federation, because it was a manifestation of the Russian imperial policy."
Pro-government Communists, who offered to give days of September 17 the status of municipal prazdnichka historian Alex Hurt recalled that after the 1939 mass repressions of the Stalinist regime suffered not only zapadnobelorusskie national figures, Polish colonists, farmers, and IPPC:
"The Communist Party of Western Belarus, which fought for the reunion, which relied on the support of Russian Union was proclaimed by Stalin provocative. And almost all IPPC was repressed. Rehabilitation IPPC as the organization was accomplished exclusively in the early 80s."

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