Serbia has demonstrated light combat aircraft «Kobats»

Serbia has demonstrated light combat aircraft
TSAMTO, September 13. Serbian defense industry during the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Air Force, for the first time revealed to the public armed turboprop version of TCB «Lasta-95», designated «Kobats.»

High operational control of the country the aircraft was demonstrated in April of this year.

As reported by «Flight International» light attack aircraft developed by the Military Technical Institute together with the companies «SDPR Yugoimport» and «Utva» and is designed to attack ground targets, border security, air support operations against illegal armed formations.

Plane resettled modernized cockpit, new ejection seat, reinforced fuselage fuel tanks on the wing tips, improved navigation and targeting.

Piston engine «Lycoming» AEIO-540-L1.B5D 300 hp replaced by a more massive turboprop (for a number of posts, PT6A-25C of «Pratt & Whitney» capacity of about 1,000 hp), which provides the opportunity to develop the highest speed over 500 km / h Most takeoff weight «Kobats» — 1650 kg.

The plane is equipped with five suspension points. Presumably, he will carry 500 kg payload container equipped with ventral electro / IR surveillance system. The kit does not reveal weapons. Presumably, it will include guns, containers with machine guns, bombs, guided missiles and NAR.

Flight tests «Kobats» is planned for the near year.

Possible market for UBS «Kobats» would be those countries in Africa and Asia-Pacific markets where access is difficult Brazilian company «Embraer».

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