Sergei Zakonnikau: I believe in the victory of common sense

In this unbalanced world where pristine fight is not always good overcomes evil, though what person, even the most optimistic and courageous, very difficult to live. Nagruvashchvanne global and more complex local problems pressing on his mind, resulting in a moral and even physical condition, when in despair numbs the soul, exhausted, discouraged. But despite all the global natural and ecological, political and social disasters, carnivorous local winds obscurantism and mankurtstva dachasnitstva, are presently through pradimayuts soul compatriots, my native Belarus, I all the same firmly believe in the best. I believe that a new time a new person which must not live old legends and ideological dogmas, not teams, constant terror and slavish obedience, and what is given to him with milk mom — a feeling of freedom, consciousness, rationality own existence and purpose, beauty and power of earthly existence. Such people fruitfully combine national vgruntavanasts and stability, the best features of the Belarusian temper civilizational acquisitions, with unlimited modern scientific, technical, technological abilities. I believe in the strength of the genetic code of the people that keeps us on the planet for centuries and will continue in the upcoming discordant, shmatfarbnay human community. I believe in the Belarusian youth, cute little heart my kids and grandchildren, who had the difficult but so cheerful and happy bit of — to be a tireless worker majestic state Renaissance zealous builders eventually own sovereign country. I believe in the immortality of the whiteRussian language, passing through unimaginable izymatelstva, torment, temptation, which at the moment is unfair and unreasonable abandoned by our society to neglect, but certainly survive, an effort to present and future zhyvatvaryts day Belarusians. Without it, nothing of traveling we never will. Only on the basis of the native language is growing public culture — basic assessment and deep essence of civilization. The existence of at least some of the people without the creation of their own culture, endless spiritual values that are passed from generation to generation, completely barren. And finally, I believe in the victory of common sense. While Belarusians are not perfectly understand who they are, for what it is, should strive. But this realization comes evenly, will sing. We need more assertive and inhumane to squeeze out of their own hearts and souls davneshny local masochism, inferiority complex, disrespect and dislike for themselves for themselves. Only in this way, in a bold, decisive, creative self-affirmation, we will be true, viable civilization, build our sovereign government that will stand on the earth forever.
Sergei *** Zakonnikau — recognizable Belarusian poet and public figure.

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