Sergei Zakonnikau: I would wish to Belarus came Vaclav Havel

Znatkevich: "Taking part in the" Night Primer ", you are nachytvali his poems. Or fundamental skill artistically poet read his works? "
Lawyers: "I think that very principle, as if the creator himself reads it manifests itself not only a sense of what he wrote, — expressed the soul of creation."
Znatkevich: "The text itself for itself can not give this product awareness, the soul of creation?"
Lawyers: "The text can give, but still, light tone of principle, in order to give to understand on what you accentuation. But I wish to say that many poets can not read his own poems."
"Were this year’s meetings, which were collected and 400, and 500"
Znatkevich: "If we have a few weeks reversed participated in an online conference Nyaklyayeu, he expressed regret at the time when poets could collect stadiums. He said that this time will never return. In your opinion, could be whether such in the modern world — collect stadium read poetry? "
Lawyers: "I want a little bet with my friend Volodya. Belarusian On our happiness, you can still collect and audience, and interested readers.
I’m not bragging, just want to say that for this year I had a lot of poetry meetings. And there were meetings, which was collected and 400 and 500 people. Although I wish to say that poetry — this intimate thing. And, of course, poetry, listen, read poetry better in the classroom where 30 -40 people. And if more, then it’s another beginning. "
Znatkevich: "For you, this year managed to collect 400 — 500 people at the meeting?"
Lawyers: "It is. I just can not name at the moment certain address because I do not want to destroy the beautiful people that we have and that, in spite of persecution, the fact that we, the representatives of the Union of Belarusian Writers prohibited act mass audiences, organize meetings. "
"Configurations will come soon. This is just hanging in the air"
Znatkevich: "Do you think maybe there will be in the coming years to change the situation in which the Belarusian writers forbid hold meetings at schools and universities?"
Lawyers: "I think that this situation will change. And it will change along with the changes that will come at us in the whole country. Configurations will come soon. This is just hanging in the air."
Znatkevich "Does you if you write your poems, huge importance to the core, the place in which you are?"
Lawyers: "Totally. There are places where I can not write anything at all. And for me the most beautiful places — the ones that I inhabit. This parent’s house, it’s own corner of my apartment today. A strange places I do not like. I there are not words. "
"In these verses, I am very adamant about their own people"
Znatkevich: "Are there things that, in your opinion, in general you should not write poetry?"
Lawyers: "It is evident that there is. Say already and I had written some verses on such topics, but I put them on the table and did not publish. And I think that will not print.
They are associated with my personal experiences in connection with our events. In these verses, I can be very categorical in relation to someone, say, in relation to his people, in which I see a lot of sinful that long ago acquired, and in particular in the near future. Although, as they say, we’ll see. "
Znatkevich: "Did you try to write poetry as a political proclamation, a political manifesto?"
Lawyers: "I think one of the more successful in his own poetic creativity poems — they are translated into many European languages. A journalistic poetry I also have. It is quite often printed in the" Narodnaya Volya ", and in other publications. Guess that’s why if he has a great pen and journalism can apply so that it is fiction, it will disturb the people not only calls, but how it is made. "
"Then it was possible to justify. Currently no one to read"
Znatkevich: "You in 1970-80s he worked as head of fiction sector of the cultural department of the Central Committee of the PBC. Comparing control over literature and then general literary situation at the time and at the moment, in whose favor is the comparison?"
Lawyers: "I wish to say that censorship has always been. It exists in all statesah. But in civilized countries censorship only applies to any technological mysteries, military and municipal, the biggest mysteries. As for ordinary literature, there is no censorship no.
Then, when Russian authorities, I remember, was how to protect books and Vasil Bykov, and Pimen Panchenko, Ryazanov and Ales, Ales Adamovich and … And I am very happy that I was able to then though do something for these amazing creators, as many books managed to defend, say, books Karatkevich.
Then you can read, then you can justify, could though what party bosses to justify that it is not that the book has the right to reach out to people. Now it is not. At the moment, no one to read. "
Znatkevich: "Until the current government, in your opinion, impossible to address?"
Lawyers: "Of course, no one will read to you. Currently in municipal publishers do not print our books. At my desk lies manuscripts 5. And when I had a question, a personal question, when I asked our friend, the publisher of the municipal , he said: "Well, my dear, you know why. Well I do not povinet. "And immediately referred to the very top."
"I would wish Havel participated in our political life"
Znatkevich: "The Ministry of Internal Affairs is launching a campaign for the country zaluchennya foreign professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes. Whom would you have given Belarusian citizenship of recognizable foreigners?"
Lawyers: "This is all great, of course. You can, of course, knit in and foreigners. But first you need to maintain your own, young people in particular …
Look, makingsmiling. Half of our scientists left the country. And the same can be said about every sphere of our lives.
I would wish to Belarus came Vaclav Havel. Although no longer a young man, he is the age he may be, and should not go here. But I would wish it was featured in our political life. With his mind, with his own wisdom, the man who has done much for the Czech people. "

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