Seviarynets — glyamurny Belarusian politician

Slonim are increasingly burning buildings and premises belonging to businessmen reports "Newspaper Slonim". On Friday, July 13, the building caught fire, which was placed in the personal store "SPRING". Was it the result of arson, employees learn Ministerstvva emergencies. Yet, July 4th burned some clothes shop "Caprice" belonging to another Slonim businessman Alexander Povuhu. Even earlier this entrepreneur had other problems with arson — 24 May burned his pavilion in a local park. Has confirmed that the fire was a prerequisite specifically arson.
"Evening Brest" writes that in Pinsk during reconstruction Lenin Square builders excavated excavated old cultural layer. Earthworks were carried out on the site of the monument archeology XI century "Mound", which is protected by the state. Permission for their conduct did not give the Institute of Archaeology. Now, when the builders have seen underground at a depth of pavmetra ancient preservation, work stopped. It is expected that scientists will arrive in Pinsk. Unearthed cultural layer until covered film, the excavation police patrols, because sudden archaeological discoveries have shown interest "dark diggers."
Expert in the style of Paul considered Sevyarinets glyamurnym most of the opposition, writes
"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus". Here that said odezhki designer Tatiana Davydenko looking photo policy made at the Congress Democratic Forces: "It can be called fashionable. Personally, plus state spectrum … Philosophy about the revival of public thoughts absolutely reflected in the suit. All blends, looks fashionable. Such shirt really suits dark jacket, gray would look bad. Cuff visible. Ornament on the collar on the shirt … planachtsy Glyamurny Belarusian politician "

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