Shchukin began to beg

"At the moment I will it mattersfive times a day, "- said Radio Liberty Sovereign Shchukin.
The history of relations Valery Shchukin and Tatiana began Buevich time of the elections to the local councils, when she performed the duties of Secretary to the Chairman of the Regional Election Commission.
"Specifically Buevich prevented me to get to an open meeting of this committee, and later appealed to the court to complain that Tipo I offended her. Tribunal sentenced in June to pay her 250 thousand rubles for "moral damage" — says Valery Shchukin.
On the spot "zhabravannya" Valery Shchukin was detained by policemen. But after a rather short conversation and check the text leaflets with an appeal to the people of human rights activist released. Beg in Belarus has not prohibited.

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