Shulzhitsky recognized guilty, but not convicted

Now the referee questioned A.Dyameshchyk 2-policemen, but no word on petitions Shulzhitsky. Let me remind you, he sought the Tribunal to specify who and for what purpose office phone rang with the police department, and invited him to come to set up the receiver.
Shulzhitsky again insisted that it was against a provocation, and sought to satisfy his request. The arbitrator held that it does not concern the case and did not satisfy him.
Here after verdict said our radio Vladimir Shulzhitsky:
Shulzhitsky: "Yes, everything is clear — it is a political order. This time I did not think of what I was detained. At the moment I’m psychologically prepared for anything. Naturally, all this unpleasant, but what can you do. If must be, it will still be overcome. "
At the trial was constantly Smorgon human rights activist Ales Dergachyov. He drew attention the fact that none of the witnesses could remember what certain words Shulzhitsky read, and why they were considered abuse, and that the witnesses appeared in court, which Shulzhitsky not beheld next to the house where he was detained.

"At the moment I’m psychologically prepared for anything."

Dergachyov: "Reluctance to uncover the truth.’s Just part of the formal run, and more does not matter what a person says that he was against a provocation. Referee responds that it has no case to case. He is not interested to open provocation."
In May, police detained Vladimir Shulzhitsky for what he threw in mailboxes homemade advertising Radio Liberty. On pieces of paper he was finishing my own phone and recommended to seek help for those who fail to self tune in to the radio wave.
At one point, someone called and left the address. If Shulzhitsky came to the the address next to the door of the apartment police were waiting for him. Draw up a report against him for what he neprelichno expressed.
Referee Alexander Kvyatkevich Shulzhitsky acquitted due to lack of offense.
With this solution Smorgonskaya prosecutors disagreed and appealed the decision.
Referee Grodno regional court upheld the complaint I.Sobalev Smorgon prosecutors and administrative case sent back for revision in Smorgon tribunal.
And now, already in a retrial Shulzhitsky Alexander was recognized guilty.
• In re Smorgon judge Vladimir Shulzhitsky for advertising "Freedom", 28.07.2007
• In Smorgon acquitted Vladimir Shulzhitsky, 5.06.2007

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